(Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast Ep. 89):  Brenton of CATHOLIC GUILT

(Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast Ep. 89): Brenton of CATHOLIC GUILT

Contributor’s Note:  Help support the podcast by becoming a member of our Patreon!  I appreciate the support and anything that you can pledge!  On the 89th episode of Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast, Bryan and Benny talks with Brenton of Australian punk rock band Catholic Guilt about Closure In Moscow, the DIY scene in Australia and their EP “This Is What Honesty Sounds Like”, which was released via Wiretap Records.  They get into a political discussion(which was very friendly dialogue) about the similarities and differences between American and Australian politics and the similarities and differences with how each country is handling the social unrest and the Covid-19 pandemic.  Fans can find Catholic Guilt at the following locations:





Fans can find Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast at the following locations:





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