(Livestream Review):  NONPOINT

(Livestream Review): NONPOINT

This feels strange writing up a concert review without actually being there in attendance.  We were virtually(huge thank you to Nonpoint), but it made me realize how much I actually miss concerts.  Concerts are a therapy.  It is my therapy anyways.  Instead of giving some therapist or psychiatrist hundreds of dollars to lay on a couch and talk about my problems, I’d rather be in person with like-minded people and rock out to some amazing music, such as the case with Nonpoint.  Nonpoint did an impeccable job on making this past Saturday’s “20th Anniversary of “Statement” livestream intimate and making it feel like you’re in the midst of a conversation or part of the action during their live set.

This past Saturday, it was a monumental milestone for the band as they celebrated the 20th anniversary of their breakthrough album “Statement”.  In this, they treated the fans to playing the album in its entirety front to back while sharing stories, memories and their roots/heritage with whoever was watching.  Through this, it was plain to see why they’ve been doing this for as long as they have.  Through lineup changes and everything else that comes with the music industry, Nonpoint still plays with the fire and zeal that is their trademark in their live shows.  The stories were interesting as they shared about performing in restaurants and cafes in order to try to make it as a band.  They clearly haven’t forgotten where they’ve came from because they were very descriptive and remembered important details of them coming up as if it happened yesterday.  The band was also mischaracterized.

I’ve made the mistake of putting Nonpoint in the “nu metal” label.  Yes, they came up at the peak of the “nu metal” era, however their sound is just metal.  In “Statement”, not only do they have riffs and rhythm that sounds crushing and has a flow, they incorporated jazz, a touch of blues, a bit of hip-hop in “Tribute”, but they paid homage to pioneers Puya and their heritage with some Puerto Rican flavor into their music.  Thanks to this livestream, I’ve developed a deeper understanding of what Nonpoint is all about.

In this livestream on www.nonpoint.com, fans get an inside look on how Nonpoint came to be, their diverse heritage and their roots and influences in their music.  “Statement” really shapes Nonpoint on what they’re about and that is kicking ass and taking names in the studio and on the stage.  They’re the embodiment of the phrase “10 or 10,000”, they deliver just as hard whether it’s on a livestream, in a small club or on the festival stage.

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  • Photo Credit:  Ian Storck of 3 Count Photography

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