(Album Review) “The Entombment Of Chaos” by SKELETAL REMAINS

When an album opens with an eerie, atmospheric track, such as ‘Cosmic Chasm’, you know it’s going to lead you into something dark and heavy. The new album “The Entombment of Chaos”  from Skeletal Remains is no exception. With a number of critically acclaimed albums already under their belts, Skeletal Remains’ powerful sound continues to evolve.

The best way to describe their music, to someone who has never encountered the death metallers before, is to say that it is like being hit with a wall of solid, dark, deliciously heavy sound. All of the instrumentation is well balanced with each instrument being audible but not disrupting the overall effect. The drums are prominent which works really well to enhance the energy levels and the power of each track. ‘Tombs Of Chaos’ is one example of their fast-paced momentum that doesn’t let up throughout the music. The percussion doesn’t stop (for anything it seems!) and the guitars and bass fill out the heavy lower tones, allowing the demonic vocals to soar above. The frequent inclusion of guitar leads, and melodies doesn’t lessen the impact. Instead this enhances their sound by changing the tone and texture at various points throughout. The lead guitar towards the end of the track takes on an almost Egyptian style scale which adds a really interesting touch of flavour to an already pretty epic track. ‘Tombs Of Chaos’ also sees an eerie outro manifest – it breaks up the solid sound that flows through the previous four songs. It is important at times to vary the dynamics across an album and this works.

‘Torturous Ways To Obliteration’ shakes things up with the non-standard time signature. Personally, I really enjoy the feeling of unsteadiness and chaos that comes with using different time signatures. The music is very fast which enhances the whole sound to an extreme degree. The guitar tones in this track blend seamlessly. Wonderfully heavy tones have been used with the level of distortion that helps the instrumentation to blend into a solid sound. When the guitar solos kick in, they cut sharply through the layers. The back and forth between the two guitars also adds something extra into the mix. The build up of percussion leading into ‘Eternal Hatred’ is just fantastic. Theatrical drama radiates off the sound as all of a sudden Skeletal Remains take a slower pace, and yet their power doesn’t lessen; it merely manifests in a different form.

Skeletal Remains have produced a powerful album that well and truly drags you into the depths and entombs you in chaos. If you love death metal and the heavy extremes, I recommend you check out this record!


“The Entombment Of Chaos” releases on the 11th September via Century Media Records.

Track listing:

  1. Cosmic Chasm (Intro)
  2. Illusive Divinity
  3. Congregation Of Flesh
  4. Synthetic Impulse
  5. Tombs Of Chaos
  6. Enshrined In Agony
  7. Dissectasy
  8. Torturous Ways To Obliteration
  9. Eternal Hatred
  10. Unfurling The Casket
  11. Stench Of Paradise Burning


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SkeletalRemainsDeathMetal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/skeletalremainsofficial/

Check out their latest music video for “Dissectasy” below:

Author: Holly Royle

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