(The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz Ep. 138): THE BAND STEELE

Contributor’s Note:  Country music duo The Band Steele appeared on the 138th episode of The Don’s Hit List with The Don & The Grizz via FAB Radio International.  The Band Steele have a wonderful mix of country and classic rock which makes them one of the more unique acts in today’s country music world.  With these elements, Bo brings a rock influence to The Band Steele’s otherwise country sound while Ben influences an easy-does-it charmed balance to the live performances lending subtle harmonies and signature phrasing to the duo’s compositions and production.  Early on, the two teenagers supported the undertaking with rather unconventional odd jobs.  Bo held more than ten jobs, most he’d like to forget, including spraying insulation in chicken coops, working for a moving company, and building sidewalls for a mobile home manufacturer where Ben joined him as a coworker at the latter two.  Along the journey, “life happened”, stalling their momentum and testing their drive for a dream.  Bo became a young father, and Ben, redirecting his focus, formed Plan B and headed toward the Air Force recruiting offices. But, fate had other career plans for them both. Plans changed entirely when they got “the call.” Bo’s performance of “Victory In Jesus” was captured on film in an impromptu a cappella performance in a hospital waiting room; the performance went viral on YouTube (and nears three million views to date). Bo Steele quickly became an Internet phenom capturing new fans by the millions and the attention of the New York City-based Fire River Records. Following a jet-set trip from NYC to Alabama for a live performance preview, the label signed The Band Steele to a multi-album record deal nearly on the spot (Sept. 2014). “Ben’s vision, focus and motivation kept me going and dedication got us to this place. We are both so grateful to be here…together.”  They talk about how “Victory In Jesus” came about and their new single “You’re Gonna Have To Miss Me”.  Fans can find The Band Steele at the following locations:





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