(Mental Health Conversations):  MATT LOVELL

(Mental Health Conversations): MATT LOVELL

Editor’s Note:  This is a conversation that was too good just to be in print form.  This was honestly one of the most enjoyable interviews that I’ve done.  In this mental health conversation with Madness To Creation, singer-songwriter Matt Lovell discusses growing up in a Christian home, growing up knowing that he was gay but trying to suppress being gay for so long, the writing and recording process for his long-awaited debut album entitled “Nobody Cries Today”, and how we need to reflect on being better people in terms of race relations.  Through this album, Matt Lovell has released music videos for “90 Proof”, “Alligator Lilly” and “Trouble”, which have amassed almost 100,000 YouTube hits combined.  Fans can find Matt Lovell at the following locations:




Check out the music video for “Trouble” below:


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