(Music Video Premiere) “We Are The Change” by FIELD DAY

(Music Video Premiere) “We Are The Change” by FIELD DAY

Today, legendary underground punk band Field Day (formerly known as Dag Nasty) have unleashed their video for “We Are The Change” in partnership with Madness To Creation.

In today’s time, this video is needed, the guitars and the hooks along with their battlecry for “We Are The Change/We Are The Solution” is a call to arms to bring the power back to the people from a quite corrupt United States government.  It has been a tumultuous season in the United States, first with the Covid-19 pandemic and now with the murder of George Floyd by four Minneapolis police officers and as a result, people as a collective have hit their boiling point.  Field Day encourages us to fight to take the power back while staying vigilant when it comes to our mental health.  Doug Carrion has stated the following about addressing mental health issues:

“I think the more you laugh, the better.  Whenever I’m in a slump, standup comedy helps shift my focus to the positive and keeps the negative self-talk to a minimum.”

Field Day promises to stay true to their message.  The beauty of hardcore and punk music is that the boundaries are stripped away on who can write the songs and the lyrics.  Through 2.0, with the tracks “Searching For The Answers” and “We Are The Change”, Field Day promises to evoke that passion and that underground vibe while staying true to themselves.  This record is a battlecry and a call to arms to bring the power back to the people from our corrupt government.  Here is the video to “We Are The Change”:


Fans can find Field Day at the following locations:




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