Weekend Brunch Edition Vol. 20: Weekly News Shorts plus Spotify Playlist!

Editor’s Note:  It’s been an unusual week as Coronavirus has swept the world and caused mass hysteria.  People buying up toilet paper, hand sanitizer, medicine and all kinds of cleaning products.  It has shut down March Madness, NBA, and halted all the major sports.  Concerts have been postponed as well.  Several states such as California, New York and Illinois are having statewide lockdowns to try to flatten this curve on the Coronavirus.  At Madness To Creation, we want YOU to rock out to this Spotify playlist, however, please be mindful of your own health and the public health as a whole.  Wash your hands, stay home if you’re sick and just be mindful, and stay at home unless it’s absolutely necessary.  In the meantime, enjoy this playlist as you’re hunkered down and quarantined from the masses.  This too shall pass.  We added 24 bonus songs this week! 

Meat & Taters:

  1.  OMB Peezy released his music video for “Let Up”.  Fans can check out the video here and his video series “Hood Essentials” is getting to be quite popular!
  2.  Alt-pop artist Gabe Kubanda released the lyric video for “Let’s Ride”.  Fans can check it out here and Gabe is known for being a cast member of VH1’s “Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp”.
  3.  Through Fire have released the acoustic version of their Roxette cover of “Listen To Your Heart”.  Fans can check it out here and the band will be touring this summer with Fozzy beginning July 10th in Columbus, Ohio.
  4.  High School Musical’s Olivia Rodrigo has released her music video for “All I Want”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  5.  Joywave have announced their rescheduled tour dates.  Tour was postponed due to the Coronavirus.  The tour kicks off July 11th in Buffalo, New York and wraps up September 29th in Los Angeles.
  6.  Sofia Carson & R3HAB have released an acoustic version of her hit single “I Luv U”.  Fans can check it out here.
  7.  Legendary folk/pop artist Jewel will be doing a live stream event called “Live From San Quarantine”.  The concert will be put on via Instagram and Facebook to benefit her Never Broken Program powered by the Inspiring Children Foundation.  This is to highlight youth homelessness, something that she went through growing up.
  8.  Me And That Man , which is the project of Nergal of Behemoth, released his music video for “Confession” featuring Niklas Kvarforth of Shining.  Fans can check out the video here and “New Man, New Songs, Same Shit Vol, 1” is due out March 27th via Napalm Records.
  9.  Clutch has re-recorded their 20 year old single “Willie Nelson” via their Weathermaker Vault Video Series.  Fans can check out the single here.
  10.  Tee Grizzley featuring Payroll Giovanni released his music video for “Payroll”.  The project “The Smartest” is due out later this year via 300 Entertainment.
  11.  Waterparks have teamed up with MC4D to offer a remix of their single for “Dream Boy”.  Fans can check it out here.  “Fandom” is out now.

Light & Fluffy:

  1.  Alternative Press premieres the music video for “Disco” by Washington D.C. indie-pop group Sub-Radio.  Fans can check out the premiere here and their album “Thoughts Lights Colors Sounds” is due out May 22nd.
  2.  Israeli born and Brooklyn singer/songwriter Iris Lune has released her single for “Haven”.  Her debut album “lovelosslove” is due out June 20th and fans can check out the single here.
  3.  Charming Liars have released their second single entitled “Blame”.  Fans can check out the single here.
  4.  Nashville band Pageant have released their single “So Close To Home” via American Songwriter.  Fans can check out the single here and the band combines old-school country with indie pop and AM radio vibes.
  5.  Los Angeles alt-pop group Paper Jackets have released their upbeat single “What They Call A Life”.  Fans can check out the single here.
  6.  Folk-pop artist William Wild has released his debut album entitled “Push Ups” via Sony Masterworks.  Check out his music video for “Rental House” here.
  7.  Singer Songwriter Empty Country released his self-titled album today.  It’s the solo project of Joseph D’Agostino of Cymbals Eat Guitars.  Fans can check out the album via Bandcamp here.
  8. Country music artist Brenda Cay released her music video for “1-2-3-Floor”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  9. The first ever Alone Together Fest is taking place this weekend via Instagram Live.  Check out performances by Maggie Schneider, Young Culture, Glacier Veins, and so much more.  Check out Common Ground Collective for more information.
  10. Once & Future Band have released their single for “Andromeda”.  This band is for fans of Roxy Music, Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder.  “Deleted Scenes” is due out April 10th via Castle Face Records.
  11. Americana Highways have announced “Live Music From The Quarantine”, which is a daily Facebook Live series to help Roots/Americana musicians who are affected by the Coronavirus.  John McCutcheon will be performing Tuesday, March 24th at 7:45 EST.  Beth Bombara will be performing Friday, March 27th at 8:30 EST.  Grace Pettis will be performing Wednesday, April 1st at 8:30 EST.  The Claudettes will be performing Thursday, April 2nd at 8:30 EST.
  12. Alt-pop multi-instrumentalist Vaines has released his single for “Summer’s Over”.  He’s scheduled to perform at the 320 Festival for Mental Health on May 9th in Southern California.  He’s Hopeless Records’ latest signing.


  1.  Orange County 7-piece ska band Bite Me Bambi have released their music video for “Hot Lava”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  2.  BandsInTown premieres the single for “Drive” by High Waisted.  Fans can check out the single here and “Sick Of Saying Sorry” is out May 22nd!
  3.  Die Kreatur have released their debut music video for “Die Kreatur”.  The band is composed of members of OOMPH! and Lord Of The Lost.  “Panoptikum” will be released May 22nd via Napalm Records.
  4.  “Too Fag For Love” by punk rockers Middle-Aged Queers is out now via Sell The Heart Records.  Fans can check out the video for “Gary’s Making Biscuits” here.
  5.  Master Boot Record released their debut album for “Floppy Disk Overdrive” via Metal Blade Records.  Fans can check out all the formats here.
  6.  Broadside have signed with SharpTone Records!  They have released their debut single for “Foolish Believer”, which fans can check out here.
  7.  Azusa have released their single for “Kill/Destroy”.  The band is composed of members of Sea + Air, The Dillinger Escape Plan and Extol.  “Loop Of Yesterdays” is due out April 10th via Solid State Records.
  8. Wolfheart have released their music video for “Hail Of Steel”.  Their album “Wolves Of Karelia” is due out April 10th via Napalm Records.
  9.  Australian punk band Stepson released their single entitled “Run”.  “Help Me Help You” is due out this summer via SharpTone Recoreds.
  10.  Los Angeles hardcore punk band Rotting Out premiered their single for “Stones” via Hard Noise.  “Ronin” is due out April 10th via Pure Noise Records.
  11.  Brooklyn rock band Answering Machine have released their music video for “Cherry Coke”.  “Bad Luck” is due out April 17th via Wiretap Records.
  12.  Greece’s Villagers Of Ioannina City released their video for “Father Sun”.  Napalm Records will be reissuing “Age of Aquarius” as well.

On The Side:

  1.  Canada’s BADGUYSWIN have premiered their music video for “Lying To Myself” with V13.  Fans can check out the premiere here and “Cowards” is due out April 10th!
  2.  Canada’s Demise Of The Crown have premiered their guitar playthrough video for “Dying Heat” with GearGods.  Fans can check out the playthrough premiere here.
  3.  Metal Injection premieres the music video for “Lycanthorpe” by Texas speed metal band Rabid Flesh Eaters.  The video features the final performance from legendary death metal vocalist Bruce Corbitt of Rigor Mortis.  Fans can check out the premiere here.
  4.  Connecticut’s Half Hearted released their self-titled debut album.  Fans can check out the music video for “Liar” here.
  5.  North Carolina’s Faith & Scars released their music video for “Breathe”.  Fans can check out the video here.
  6.  Orange County’s New Language have released their video for “No Time”.  The video shows them quarantined in response to California’s “Safer At Home” initiative.
  7.  California’s Ravenscroft have released their album for “See Through” via Pavement Entertainment.  Fans can stream the album in its entirety here.
  8.  California’s The Wrecks have released their alternative rock single “Out Of Style”.  Their tour with The Driver Era was postponed due to the Coronavirus.
  9.  Brazilian metal band Armored Dawn has released their album “Viking Zombie”.  Fans can check out their music video for “Zombie Viking” here.
  10. Australian metal band Age Of Emergence have released their music video for “Stone Cold Icarus”.  Fans can check out the music video here.
  11. Danish post-hardcore band Redwood Hill have released their album “Ender” via Rakkerpak Records.  They have released a live studio session video for “Polar” as well.
  12. Big Loser will be releasing “Love You, Barely Living” on April 3rd.  Check out the single for “love you, barely living” via Soundcloud.
  13. Nashville rock band Voltagehawk released their lyric video for “Modern Gasoline.  Fans can check out the video here.
  14. Hungarian prog-rockers Ajna have released their lyric video for “Rengeteg”.  “Rengeteg” is due out April 9th via Inverse Records.
  15. Australian theatrical rockers Crosson have released their music video for “Everyone’s A Star”.  “Rock N Roll Love Affair” is out now!

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