Daniel Winter Bates of BURY TOMORROW Converses with Madness To Creation on “Cannibal” and Mental Health Awareness!

Editor’s Note:  On April 3rd, United Kingdom’s own Bury Tomorrow will be releasing their latest studio effort entitled “Cannibal” via Music For Nations/Sony Music.   Bury Tomorrow is composed of Daniel Winter Bates on vocals, Davyd Winter Bates on bass, Adam Jackson on drums, Kristan Dawson on guitars, and Jason Cameron on vocals/guitars.  For “Cannibal” Bury Tomorrow tapped Dan Weller of Enter Shikari/Young Guns, who also is the guitarist for SikTh and producer for Black Flame.  In this interview with Madness To Creation, Daniel Winter Bates of Bury Tomorrow discusses mental health awareness, “Cannibal” and his reaction if he saw Donald Trump in a mosh pit.  Fans can find Bury Tomorrow at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  Bury Tomorrow reunited with Dan Weller for Cannibal, how has Dan Weller helped shape this band?

Daniel:  I’m not sure Dan has shaped the band. He is an old friend and certainly added a lot to the last two records. Its nice to have someone who we trust working on our record with us, its makes discussions about direction and vision much easier.

Madness To Creation:  What intangible does each member of Bury Tomorrow bring to the table?

Daniel:  Each member brings their own elements, we’ve been a family for so many years we are united in our vision and purpose.

Madness To Creation:  Cannibal is out April 3rd!  What can fans expect and what were the biggest challenges and most rewarding aspects of creating this album?

Daniel:  It’s an extremely personal album for me so the challenge was revisiting some of the darkest moments in my life and singing about them. On every record we are trying to push ourselves musically and in songwriting. The finished product is the most rewarding moment hearing it all mixed and mastered and then letting people hear something you are immensely proud of. Fans can expect the most emotionally driven, best version of Bury Tomorrow ever.

Madness To Creation:  In your craft, what is one aspect that you’re proficient at and one thing you need to work on in your craft?

Daniel:  We know who we are and our vision for the band moving forward so it makes all conversations about song writing so much easier. We are always looking to improve on every album we write.

Madness To Creation:  At Madness To Creation, we cover mental health awareness by normalizing mental health conversations, what are some things that help you get through and what advice do you have for our readers?

Daniel:  It’s hard to give just one piece of advice. I am someone that is always trying to reach out and normalise the discussion around mental health. Whether its creating safe spaces, opening myself up to fans and having normal discussions around how it feels to be suffering and what it feels like when we are well. Main advice …just talk.

Madness To Creation:  Tell me one song or band that is resonating with you right now and why?

Daniel:  The band Fire From The Gods have really caught my attention. Great written songs and very unknown at the moment.

Madness To Creation:  Big plans for Bury Tomorrow upon album release and for 2020?

Daniel:  Touring the album hard….we want as many people to see us and be part of this as possible ….so it’s just working hard!

Madness To Creation:  Fun question, Donald Trump is in a moshpit at a Bury Tomorrow concert, what is your first reaction?

Daniel:  I’d be worried, for him and for others haha!

Madness To Creation:  What else would you like to add?

Daniel:  Thanks to anyone who has taken time to connect with our band and welcome to all those newbies out there!

And there you have it!  Bury Tomorrow have some European tour dates coming up.  Check out the gig dates below:

Sat. 4/4- The Vault in Birmingham, United Kingdom

Sat. 4/11- Impericon Festival in Leipzig, Germany

Fri. 4/17- Indra in Hamburg, Germany

Sat. 4/18- Schlachthof in Wiesbaden, Germany

Sun. 4/19- Impericon Festival in Munich, Germany

Tue. 6/16- Durer Kert in Budapest, Hungary

Sat. 6/20- Tower Musikclub in Bremen, Germany

Mon. 6/22- Mergener Hof in Trier, Germany

Wed. 6/24- Musikbunker in Aachen, Germany

Fri. 7/10- Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia

For tickets and further information on any of the gigs listed above, click here.

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