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We Nerd Out Vol. 134: FIT THE BILL Converses with Bryan on INVITE THE NEIGHBORS DIY PODCAST!

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Contributor’s Note:  Fit The Bill converses with Bryan on Episode 55 of Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast.  Please support the podcast by going to My Patreon and become a patron.  Even if you pledge 50 cents a month, every little bit counts and all goes toward paying to host more podcast episodes.  On this episode, I had a nice time meeting the two halves of Fit The Bill.  We talked about growing up in Michigan and run of the mill music.  Fans can find Fit The Bill at the following locations:

And there you have it!  On Saturday, March 14th, Fit The Bill will be performing at The Fledge in Lansing, Michigan.

Fans can find Invite The Neighbors DIY Podcast at the following locations:

  • Photo Credit:  Olivia Arnold

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