(Album Review) “Live In Rome 2013” by DEEP PURPLE

Deep Purple’s new release Live in Rome 2013 transports listeners back to a dynamic, emotional and immersive performance from the masters of classic rock. This album features the recording of the Now What?! Tour of 2013, when Ian Gillan, Ian Paice, Roger Glover, Steve Morse and Don Airey celebrated their first album after the passing of former bandmate and good friend Jon Lord.

Deep Purple’s classic sound remains as powerful as ever. The variety of progressive synths, keys and soaring guitar solos brings a theatrical element to the rock side to their sound. The signature organ sound, not only characteristic of Deep Purple but also of the 70s, really brings their tracks to life. Their chosen set list for the 2013 performance included a fantastic variety of their discography. A mixture of more traditional classic rock tracks with those of a more progressive nature creates a fantastic variety that comes through wonderfully on the album. Vincent Price, in particular, delves into darker themes and sees the instrumentation create a compelling atmosphere. Live extras further enhance the effect of their music. Instrumental solos bring an extra dimension to the tracks and really deliver the feel of the live performance through this album. The keys interludes are of course to be expected. Deep Purple held the keys, synths and organ sounds as a prominent aspect of their music, and rightly so. The solo keys in Lazy bring a range of jazz and funk aspects into the music. It has a strong ‘good time’ feel. The subtle accompaniment of the percussion and gradually introduction of the lead guitar sees a great build up effect in the middle section of the track. The harmonica also takes centre stage in Lazy.

The versatility in their song writing remains dynamic in the band’s ability to incorporate such a range of instruments into their sound whilst retaining the central focus of classic rock. The energetic drum solo featuring in The Mule brings the percussion into the spotlight. Drum solos do seem to be rather lacking in many of today’s bands live shows. Perhaps the good old drum solo is due for a comeback. Each member and instrument have their own time to shine, both in the form of solo sections and combine as the full band performance. Ian Gillan’s vocals soar over the instrumentation, remaining powerful throughout the performance. As with the instruments, the vocals are well balanced. They contribute to Deep Purple’s sound without over-shadowing the instruments. This album really encompasses the emotion and energy of the 2013 show. The support from the audience that comes through emphasises the atmosphere. It is a great celebration of classic rock.

earMUSIC and Deep Purple have worked on a Limited-Edition Series, made of very rare live recordings from the band’s archive.

This series concentrates on the last three decades of concerts around the world, and, after starting with an explosive show in Newcastle, Australia, finally enters its second round with “Live In Rome 2013”.

Track Listing:

CD 1

Intro / Fireball / Into The Fire / Hard Lovin’ Man / Vincent Price / Strange Kind Of Woman / Contact Lost / Guitar Solo / All The Time In The World / The Well-Dressed Guitar / The Mule / Bodyline / Lazy

CD 2

Above And Beyond / No One Came / Key Solo / Perfect Strangers / Space Truckin’ / Smoke On The Water / Hush / Bass Solo / Black Night

“Live In Rome 2013” is available as a numbered Ltd. CD Digipak, Ltd. Coloured 3LP and Digital as of 6th December 2019 via earMUSIC.

And there you have it, on June 30th, 2020, Deep Purple will be performing at La Seine Musicale in Boulogne-Billancourt, France.  For tickets and further information on the show, click here.

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Author: Holly Royle

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