We Nerd Out Vol. 90: Stacy Hilt of THE CASKET LOTTERY Converses with “The Don” of THE DON’S HIT LIST PODCAST on “Goosebump Moments in Music”

Contributor’s Note:  Stacy Hilt of The Casket Lottery sat down with “The Don” of The Don’s Hit List Podcast to discuss The Don’s goosebump moments in their music.  Out of Kansas City, Missouri, The Casket Lottery states that they’ve been “bumming you out since ’98”.  In this podcast, they discuss the songs “Radiation Bells”, which is about one of the band member’s father struggling with cancer.  They also discuss the track “In The Branches”, Stacy talks about the time he was almost abducted by a stranger when he was ten years old.  Fans can find The Casket Lottery at the following locations:


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