IRIS Ends 5 Year Hiatus with “Six” via Dependent Records!

IRIS Ends 5 Year Hiatus with “Six” via Dependent Records!

Influential synth-rock band IRIS proudly announces their long-awaited return with their new release, “Six”.  IRIS’ album “Six” releases on August 23rd, 2019.

For fans of:  Depeche Mode, Mesh & De/Vsion

While other synth-pop projects die to write that one hit and make it as danceable and catchy as possible, IRIS writes songs that seem to come with qualities naturally built within.  The authentic feel and honesty of their compositions immediately contradicts any impression of shallowness.  Rather, IRIS have an alternative-like quality to them, that always makes you wonder why these songs are so incredibly immersive.

IRIS, as a band, is difficult to pigeonhole. Mixing Depeche Mode-era synth, angular guitars, and an introspective writing style doesn’t sound that unique.

On their 6th full-length album, the North American duo consisting of Reagan Jones (vocals), and Andrew Sega (keyboards, production) prove once more that they are able to slowly evolve, yet still rely on their natural strengths – without repeating themselves or boring their audiences. This starts with the amazing vocals of Reagan Jones, that always impress with their natural, yet almost ethereal, ability to convey all the emotion embedded within IRIS‘ music. His talents works on both worlds, on record and live – a satellite broadcasting a delicate message from far away.

Fans can find IRIS at the following locations:

1. Third Strike 
2. Joy Kill
3. Feeder
4. Silent
5. Speak Out
6. Pure White Snow
7. Sundowner
8. Take The Pain
9. One Kind
10. Final Fate
11. Out of my Mind

Six is available on CD, 12″ limited vinyl, as well as a rare 36 Page hardcover artbook with 7-Track bonus disc, including unreleased songs and remixes by MESHNeuroticfish and Solar Fake.


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