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SPANKTHENUN Reveals their “Mind Control” EP and LEAETHER STRIP Remix Vizualizer

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USA electro/industrial artist SPANKTHENUN proudly announces the release of their digital EP, Mind Control.  The EP features remixes by Leaether Strip and iVardensphere.   Also revealed is the new visualizer clip for the Leaether Strip remix of the song, “Rotting Meat.”

This is the second of three releases leading up to the full-length Initial Decay Control  release.  The deepest cut on this release is the long unreleased live favorite “Spiderbaby”… this, a new glitchy interpretation of the track inspired by the cult classic movie TETSUO: THE IRON MAN.

For fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and KMFDM

“It’s a rarity in this scene to have a band or project that perfectly exemplifies both insanely hard work and professional, quality output.   SPANKTHENUNdoes exactly that.  Simply put, SPANKTHENUN  is a swift kick in the balls of electronic/industrial music.” –

Fans can find SPANKTHENUN at the following locations:


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