Weekend Brunch Edition Vol. 5: Weekly Music News plus Spotify Playlist for your Easter Sunday!

Editor’s Note:  Welcome to this special Easter edition of Weekly Brunch Edition via Madness To Creation!  Here the weekend is upon us, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and you get to sleep in!  As we have been crazy busy with our work weeks, we are celebrating the weekend!  We crack open some eggs, fry up some steak, and enjoy some brunch.  But wait, we missed out some music news and you might be wanting some new music to check out!  Well, Madness To Creation is your hookup, holler if you hear us!  #SorryScottSteiner It is broken down into the following categories:

  1.  Meat & Taters:  This is where the heavy hitters come in to play.  The main course if you will.  Chances are you’ve heard of this group.
  2.  Light & Fluffy:  This is where a band/artist might come off on the lighter side of music.  Where you might have a potato pancake with the glass of OJ.
  3.  Libations:  Because you can’t wait til lunch or supper so these bands/artists get you in the mood to tailgate and party over brunch.
  4.  On The Side:  These bands/artists are brand new and you might put a little on the saucer to give it a try before diving into the meat & taters!

Here is what is on this Weekend’s Brunch Menu:

Meat & Taters:  Dramatica releases their single for “The Beacon” for upcoming release “Beyond The Eyes of Deception”.  Fans can check out the stream via Spotify here and Dramatica is composed of members of Fates Warning and Yngwie Malmsteen.  Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes have released their music video for “Anxiety” for their May 3rd release entitled “End Of Suffering” via International Death Cult/AWAL.  Fans can check out the video here.  VEXES has released their amazing cover of “Head Over Heels” by Tears For Fears and they announced their June 21st re-release of “Ancient Geometry”.  Check out the cover here.  Wound Man and Regional Justice Center have released their split EP via Atomic Action Records.  Fans can check it out here.  After a hiatus, Get Scared released their latest record entitled “The Dead Days” via Fearless Records.   Seaway have released their latest record entitled “Fresh Produce”.  They continue their tour at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts tonight.  Decibel Magazine is streaming “PSTHMN”, the remix album from Harm’s Way.  Fans can check out the stream here and Harm’s Way continues their tour this Tuesday in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Mayday Parade releases music video for “Never Sure”.  The band is gearing up for an Asian tour which begins this Friday in Malaysia.  Serpent of Gnosis premiered their single for “The Colorless Capsules” via Decibel Magazine.  Serpent of Gnosis is composed of members of The Black Dahlia Murder and Job For A Cowboy.  The Story Changes which features members of Hawthorne Heights and The Stereo, will be releasing “To Hell With This Delicate Equation” this Friday.  They have a gig tonight in Bloomington, Illinois.  Halfnoise releases music video for “Who Could You Be”.  Fans can check out the video here and they will be touring the United Kingdom coming up.  Ex-Dance Gavin Dance vocalist Kurt Travis has released his music video for “Easy Peasy”.  Fans can check out the video here.  “Trampoline” by Shaed has broken 100 million streams and they recently performed the single for Billboard.  MC Lars & Mega Ran have released their latest literary bop entitled “Sleepy Hollow”.  “The Dewey Decibel System” is being released on June 7th.  The Dangerous Summer has released their video for “Way Down” for upcoming release entitled “Mother Nature” via Hopeless Records, which is due out June 14th.  Royal Bliss has released their self-titled album and their single entitled “Pain”.  Fans can check out the single here.

Light & Fluffy:  Oklahoma songstress Casii Stephan premieres her music video for “Letters” via Substream Magazine.  Fans can check out the video here.   Violet Crime releases single for “Paper Queen” for upcoming EP release of the same name.  The EP was produced by Derek DiScanio of State Champs.  New York’s Latin/R&B infused singer Isa Marina recently released her EP entitled “True Colors”.  Italy’s Soaware releases single entitled “We Shall Be One” via Metal Nexus.  Fans can check out the premiere here.  Parade premieres the music video for “Live Forever” by Mike Mains & The Branches.  Fans can check out the premiere here.  For Folk’s Sakes premieres the music video for “Here It Comes” by indie folk-rockers Owen-Glass.  Fans can check out the video here.  Nashville artist Justine Blazer releases her music video for “Pioneer Soul Shaker”.  Fans can check out the video here.  Indie pop act Exnations announces the release of their EP “Pink Haze” for June 28th.  Cory Singer releases single for “Girl”.  Fans can check out the promo video here.  The Young Fables, who has American Idol vet Laurel Wright in the fold, has a gig in La Vista, Nebraska this Wednesday!  They have also recently released their cover of “Crazy” by Patsy Cline, which fans can check it out here.

Libations:  Alternative rockers Citizens premieres their music video for “Looking Up” via Baeble Music.  Fans can check out the premiere here.  Citizens will be releasing their EP entitled “Fear” on May 3rd.  Alternative rockers Missyou has released their EP entitled “Yourbody” as of Good Friday.  Texas teenager Clio Cadence has released her amazing cover of “You Should See Me In A Crown” by Billie Eilish.  Fans can check out the cover here.  PureGrainAudio premieres the single for “Wildfire” by Hanna Barakat.  The single was produced by John Moyer of Disturbed and fans can check it out via Soundcloud here.  Right On, Kid are streaming their EP entitled “When Words Are Enough” via Substream Magazine.  Fans can download it via Spotify and i-Tunes.  Utah’s The Band Gooch have premiered their single for “Stuck With You” via Substream Magazine.  Their album entitled “Modern High” is due out June 21st.  Heart Attack Man has released their album entitled “Fake Blood” and will be touring with Seaway.  New York pop-punk duo Brook Davis has released their debut EP entitled “Serious Damage”.  Nashville country-rockers Sleep Nation have released their music video for “Woman”.  Fans can check out the video here.  Nikki’s Wives takes on the issue of gender in single “Real Girl”.  Fans can check out the video here.

On The Side:  Hong Kong’s Seasons For Change has released their single for “Anchor” for upcoming release “Petals of Tomorrow”.  Fans can check out the single here.  Portugal’s Enchantya releases music video for “The Beginning” for May 24th release “On Light And Wrath” via Inverse Records.  Fans can check out the music video here.  Drug Apts have tapped Tim Green of Nation of Ulysses for upcoming tour and they have released their video for “New Nam” via Vimeo, which fans can check out here.  Iowa’s Druids have released their new album entitled “Monument” via Heavy Consequence.  Canada’s Protosequence have released their music video for “A Blunt Description of Something Obscene”.  Fans can check out the video here and “Biophagus” is out now!  California’s Upon The Water have released their music video for “II” via Dreambound.  The music video features Garrett Russell of Silent Planet which fans can check out here.  Greece’s Constantine has released their music video for “Bushido”.  “Aftermath” is due out May 31st and fans can check out the video here.  United Kingdom’s Sister Shotgun have released their album entitled “Fragments” via Pavement Entertainment.  Check out their single entitled “Sacred Heart” here.  California’s Stickup Kid have released their single entitled “Soul Drive” for upcoming EP of the same name.  “Soul Drive” is due out May 3rd and fans can check it out here.  Worldwide Panic releases music video for “Never Go Back” via The Gauntlet.  Fans can check out the premiere here.  South Carolina’s Florida Man have released their video for “Holy Roller” via BrooklynVegan.  “Tropical Depression” is due out May 3rd.  New Jersey’s Gatherers have released their single entitled “Sick Sad Heart”.  They have a gig in Hanover, Germany tonight!  Finland’s Temple Of The Stars have released their music video for “Nightspirit”.  Fans can check out the video here.  Canada’s CeVILAIN have released their music video for “Better Angels” via Spaceuntravel.  Fans can check out the video here.  A Bad Think released their cinematic album entitled “The Savior”.  Michael Marquardt is the mastermind behind A Bad Think, as they have released the singles “Feel Me” and “Falling Star” to promote “The Savior”.

Fans can check out our Easter Sunday Brunch playlist here.

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