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Cover Vs. Original: Estonia’s EVESTUS Covers “Mad World” by TEARS FOR FEARS

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Like a twisted lovechild of Trent Reznor and Al Jourgensen, producer and frontman OTT EVESTUS’  blending of bouncing rock sound with future-noir synths and distorted vocals hits you like a bag of bricks.
“I believe this song unites a lot of people who don’t fit into this world.. And a lot of these people are among our audience so it really happened quite naturally I think. At some point we just started playing it live and now finally it found a home on our latest EP, POST 18 DEPRESSION.” – Evestus

The video for “Mad World” is directed, filmed and edited by Grete “Stitch” Laus – the artist and director behind all of Evestus videos to date.  She ordered the band to play through this song after they’ve just spent 30 hours on the set of “Welcome To My World” music video.  She felt that the group was emotionally in the right place for “Mad World” so she took advantage of that even though this song was not even planned to be released at that time.

Fans can find EVESTUS at the following locations:


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