EVE TO ADAM Announces the “Day Drinkin'” Tour!

EVE TO ADAM Announces the “Day Drinkin'” Tour!

Eve To Adam – the name itself evokes a transformation. The band that prides itself on the hard working ethos and intertwines itself with its legions of fans doing just the same – Eve To Adam continues to honor its solid foundation with new music from its current album, Ithaca. Featuring the invigorating and invoking tracks, “No Easy Way Out” and “Hurt Me”, Eve to Adam’s new home at Curtain Call Records is a match made in rock ‘n roll Eden. It’s also the perfect launching pad to refuel its arsenal that includes mainstream rock’s hits “Immortal”, “Straitjacket Supermodel”, “Locked & Loaded”, “Reach” and “Run Your Mouth”.

The Queens, N.Y., rockers, staging tour operations now out of Tampa and Orlando, Fla., have always embraced the role of underdog – Taki Sassaris (vocals, founder), Alex Sassaris(drummer, founder), Jeremiah Bennett (lead guitar), Jeff Raines (drummer), Ilyn Nathanial (bass guitar) and Jerry Morte (guitar) will hit the road in March 2019 on its “Day Drinkin’ Tour”  that starts in Austin, Texas and ends in Winston-Salem, NC, in September.

“We have an hour to make our dent every night,” Taki Sassaris said. “We’re not going to take for granted our time on stage and yield that power. We’re going to be hitting it hard each time.”

Nearly two decades after its debut album, Auburn Slip, Eve To Adam’s fifth full length album, Ithaca is a step forward for the rockers. What hasn’t changed, though, is the band’s intense connection with its stronghold of fans. The cemented relationship they feel trumps any feelings of doubts and serves as a symbol of its endurance in the often harsh musical landscape. Getting these songs to Eve to Adams’s fans, the band says, is a part of the ripple effect. Hearing fans reactions is just as inspirational, they said.

“Once you release your music, it’s not yours anymore,” Taki Sassaris said.

Day Drinkin’ Tour 2019

March 15 | Dirty Dog SXSW | Austin, Texas

March 16 | Concert Pub North | Houston, Texas

March 17 | Homers | Abilene, Texas

March 20 | 89th Street | Oklahoma City, Okla.

March 21 | Wave | Wichita, Kan.

March 22 | Wired Pub | Omaha, Neb.

March 23 | The Red Stone Room | Davenport, Iowa

March 24 | Bigg’s Bar | Sioux Falls, S.D.

March 27 | Spicoli’s | Waterloo, Iowa

March 28 | The Beat Kitchen | Chicago, Ill.

March 29 | The Music Factory | Battle Creek, Mich.

March 30 | Buick City Event Center | Flint, Mich.

March 31 | Empire | Akron, Ohio

April 3 | The Looney Bin | Bradley, Ohio

April 4 | The Electric Company | Mansfield, Ohio

April 5 | Bright Box | Winchester, Va.

April 7 | The Drunk Hose | Fayetteville, N.C.

April 12 | Rock 98 Afterparty | Ladson, S.C.

April 13 | WJRR Earthday Birthday | Orlando, Fla.

May 11 | Energy Rock Festival | Gilette, Wyo.

June 1 | Metal in the Mountains | Pipestem, W.Va.

August 29 | Hawgfest | Carlsbad, N.M.

September 7 | Camel City Bike Fest | Winston – Salem, N.C.


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