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If You’re Not Willing to Check Out MONSTA X’s Music Video, Then See You Later “Alligator”

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Korean pop sensations, Monsta X, stage a worldwide comeback with their simultaneous release of their album Take.2‘We Are Here’, and music video for lead single, Alligator.” The Monsta X fanbase, MONBEBE, infiltrated 4 of the top 5 Worldwide Twitter trends within the first 30 minutes of its release; and the album skyrocketed up the U.S. Pop iTunes Chart, peaking at #1. Take.2 ‘We Are Here’ is a continuation of Take.1‘Are You There?’, which debuted at #7 on Billboard’s World Album Chart last October. Take.2 ‘We Are Here’ consists of 10 tracks, one of which is a collaboration with two-time Grammy nominated DJ and Producer Steve Aoki, and emphasizes the theme of finding hope between loss and wondering.

“Set all your devices to airplane mode and reach for your headphones: The new Monsta X album is out, and it’s worth cancelling all your plans.” – Cosmopolitan

Monsta X rappers, I.M and Joohoney, both participated in co-writing the Korean lyrics for 8 out of the 10 tracks on this album; “Alligator,” “Ghost,” “No Reason,” “Give Me Dat,” “Turbulence,” “Rodeo,” “Stealer,” and“Party Time.” Singer, Wonho, shines with the track “No Reason,” as not only a lyricist, but producer and arranger as well. The lyrics behind “No Reason” convey the message of finding comfort in an uneasy world. “We diligently prepared each song and I hope everyone will love the album. Also with this promotion, we have prepared to show our charm not only in Korea, but also to U.S Monbebe’s creating many unforgettable memories” says Wonho.

Take.2 ‘We Are Here’ kicks off with INTRO : WE ARE HERE, delivered by the narration of I.M. The 1:12 Intro kicks off with the sound of a ticking clock, diving into a haunting production that drives you home with it’s exploding beat drop, and closing back out with that same eerie ticking clock.I.M breathlessly delivers the following lines up until the :41 second mark;“Today is the same as yesterday. World is like a heavy downpour, and I stand alone. Even Surrounded by fears, my clock is always bouncing like a heartbeat. I can feel you even when you are far away. You are not alone. We are always together.”

The lead single, “Alligator,” is the pivotal point in supporting the entire album. The production is a combination of dance, with a mixture of a powerful future pop sound and unique hip hop vibe. With the addictive hook and emotional escalation, this song is enough to be presented as the highlight of this album. “The main focus of “Alligator” is its storm- like melody. Once you hear it, you will never forget it” Minhyuk explains proudly. With Kihyun adding; “Alligator’s” main takeaway is its passionate performance and hectic melody. It will be a song that you will want to listen to again and again!”

Steve Aoki composed, produced, and arranged “Play It Cool (Korean Version)”alongside co-writer and Monsta X rapper, I.M“Recording the track was incredible because I got to work with such talented artists. Their voices and melodies and vocal performance on the track is amazing. It’s the best thing in the world being able to work with such high caliber A cappella’s and content. I got to work with professionals who really know how to sing the song the way it’s supposed to be sung. I really wanted this song to touch people’s hearts and minds. It’s important that the performance really dives into someone’s soul. And Monsta X knew how to do that.” Steve Aoki tells Metro U.K. of the recording process. Entertainment Tonight spoke on the track; “it’s a safe bet it will include the sleek production and infectious hooks that the South Korean pop group are both known for, not to mention Aoki’s dancefloor-ready beats.”



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