Smell the “Sage” Aroma of HANA NI’S Latest Single!

Smell the “Sage” Aroma of HANA NI’S Latest Single!

Multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actress Hana Ni recently released her new single, “Sage” with a first “look” on . The young, refreshing artist expertly weaves Neo-Soul and R&B with elements of pop to create a perfectly-balanced, genre-defying track about coming to terms with a relationship that was never meant to be.

Hana Ni showcases a variety of vocal timbres with simple harmonies layered over a dreamy guitar track. She beautifully explains the realization that relationships are not always what we expect them to be. She sings, addressing her ex-lover, “Said you’d love me long time, guess it was the wrong time.” But how does one move forward? Hana Ni suggests the ancient spiritual practice of burning sage, to clear that person’s energy and memory from the space and mind.

In her young 20’s, Hana Ni has already seen success, “I moved to LA when I was 19 with a big dream, and through persevering, testing the odds and staying positive, my dreams are coming true,” says the gifted young artist.  Her leap to the City of Angels was a big success, as her self-titled debut album released in mid-2018 already has a staggering 80,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Hana Ni’s recent video for “Marco Polo” is a kaleidoscopic masterpiece. Her ruby-toned, jeweled look is a perfect compliment to the glistening track. Her video “Salt in the Sea” takes a retro approach, featuring desaturated shots of Hana Ni on the beach or crowned with a headpiece of leaves. The flickering film and faded colors reflect the nostalgic piano track and Hana Ni’s emotional vocals. The two videos have nearly 180,000 combined views.

As “Sage” climbs the charts, Hana Ni’s soaring voice will make an impact.

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Hana Ni has been singing, acting, and dancing since she was 3. She won her first singing and acting competition in Dallas, Texas when she was 8 and sang as an opening act throughout the country for Yolanda Adams and Sheila Ray Charles when she was only 10. She was featured on Showtime at The Apollo as a “Kid Star of Tomorrow” at age 11 and on the “Best of Apollo.” At only 15, Hana Ni was a top 40 contestant on American Idol. She appeared on BET’s 106 and Park and was the featured vocalist on the Grammy Foundation’s 2013 Christmas card. In 2017, she was an opening act for several R&B stars including Ginuwine, Mila K, Calvin Richardson, and Tisha Campbell. Recently, she guest starred on CBS’s Criminal Minds, and she has a lead role in the upcoming feature film “Unabridged.” She is trained in acting, piano, guitar, flute, hip hop dance, liturgical and jazz dance. To top it all off, she is currently finishing her junior year at Northeastern University.


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