We Nerd Out 2nd Edition: Check Us Out on Twitch!

As we commemorate Veterans Day, we are reminded of our freedoms thanks to those that are currently serving or have served our country.  Here we are and we decided to create a twitch account.  Here we will feature retro games, music reviews, professional wrestling talk, and current gaming.  Here I am playing Call Of Duty:  Black Ops 4, which is the 15th installment of the Call Of Duty series.  It was released via Activision on October 12th and it is an amazing multiplayer first person shooter!  Check out our stream and video!  Follow us on Twitch!

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Coming to you live from Iowa is a hip-hop artist named Ceasar Haphazard! He plans on contributing some underground hip-hop with a bit of rock thrown into the mix as well! Ceasar enjoys spending time with his kids, making beats, and slinging some weights around at the gym. He goes beastmode for a living! If you're an aspiring hip-hop artist, please contact him for reviews and interviews!

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