Sydney Wright Plunges “Underwater” in Latest Music Video!

Austin-based sound engineer, Sydney Wright releases her new single, “Underwater” from he upcoming album Seiche, today via PopMatters.  Listen to the single HERE. 

Follow up to “You Can Stay” (August 2017),  “Tip” (July 2018) and  video, “Seiche” (May 2018), the single are from her upcoming album Seiche, due out November 9, 2018.

Between her latest releases, Wright endured a harrowing experience on June  30, 2018: a hit and run accident in downtown Austin. Surviving several severe injuries and surgeries. including four rods in her right leg, screws in her ankle, a wrist splint, a compound ankle fracture, broken tibia, multiple wrist and lumbar fractures, Wright is still pressing on and releasing music throughout the Fall.

After the accident, the Austin community came to her side.  Wright was approached by The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, and her friends and family started a Go Fund Me. Cheer Up Charlie’s, where Wright ran sound primarily is hosting a benefit show on September 29; Wanderlust, where she ran sound and booked Live Music Classes, hosted a benefit class in August.

“It’s about Denton, Texas, where I graduated college. I met my best friends there. We went so hard, we were good at turning the weekday cares into that weekend flare,” Wright says of the song. There’s a powerful sense of peace and pure happiness in “Time of Night”. The synths move you and the (heart)beats skip as the vocals float overhead. “‘Time of Night’ is after the bars closed when we would stay out and keep visiting under the stars and streetlights on the town square.”

About “Seiche” and Sydney Wright:

Wright began the writing process for the album Seiche in 2006 at the age of 17. Growing up in Snyder, Texas in a family that sang and played music together, Wright picked up the guitar to impress her peers and found herself writing songs about her friends’ heartbreaks. Some of these high school-era songs would go on to make up the foundation of “Seiche.” In 2013, Wright met Tony Rancich of Sonic Ranch Recording Studio while working as a sound engineer for a Denton, Texas venue. Rancich offered to help Wright record her songs and Sydney agreed, marking the beginning of the “Seiche” recording process.

“Sonic Ranch is the largest residential recording studio in the world, meaning you can live there as you work,” said Wright. “The amount of unique, vintage and state-of-the-art consoles, microphones, processors, grand pianos and guitars in their four studios seems unreal.”

Rancich introduced Wright to Mexican-Italian producer, singer and songwriter Stefano “Fano” Vieni and mixing and recording engineer and producer Alejandro “Alex” Ponce of Mexico City. Fano and Alex co-produced all of the songs during the session, including “Seiche,” with Fano playing most of the instruments on every track. However, due to shifts in the studio’s goals, the recording process came to a halt in 2014.

In 2015, Wright moved to Austin and decided to show a friend a mix of Seiche  .Her friend was blown away, which convinced Wright to call Fano and Alex to finish the album. In spring of 2016, the group tracked a few more instruments for the mixes with drummer Fred Mandujano, bassist T. Justin Schneider and guitarist Jacob Hildebrand with Brian Douglas Phillips at Rattle Trap Audio.

“‘Seiche’ is about hearing myself,” says Wright. “It’s an anthem of transcendence. Seiche is a French word that means ‘to sway back and forth’. Hydrologists use it to define surfing waves on a lake. They occur as a result of a violent atmospheric change or seismic activity that causes the water to slosh back and forth to regain equilibrium. I had no idea when I wrote it that this idea would be so useful to a recovery like I’m experiencing now. When I wrote it years ago, it was about transcending other people’s expectations, and now its about getting past my own.”

Written in 2012, the song “Seiche” persisted and launched six years later on May 4, 2018. Wright continues to wow audiences with her live-looping, one-woman show, and with her successful Indiegogo campaign, she shot and produced the “Seiche” video and funded album and single art, PR campaigns, printing CDs and promo material, social promotion and radio promotion. Interesting rewards include Sydney’s old, orange Gretsch guitar, fulfilled song requests, Skype lessons, a 2GB USB of exclusive content, posters, downloads, CDs, t-shirts and more.

About Sydney Wright:

West Texas-born Sydney Wright grew up learning and loving music. From an early age, she was crafting songs and amping up her skills as a performer. Wright’s musical influences cover a wide variety of pop; over years of writing music, she took inspiration from Carole King, Sara Bareilles, early Coldplay, Miranda Lambert and Glen Hansard. Her skills in guitar, built up from her start at the age of 15, also lend themselves to country and rock, and her performing skills are practiced and mesmerizing, with an impressive knack for looping tracks during live performances.

Post-college, in 2015, Wright came to Austin after a period feeling stagnant in Denton, drawn to Austin’s small town vibe and access to people in the national music industry. She took up sound engineering in town and began making her way through small venues as a formidable performer. Usually a solo act, Wright sometimes brings in “bandbros,” and has collaborated on a few side projects as a singer, bassist, looper and “wild card.”

Wright continues to expand her horizons with touring plans, and with eyes set on the next project. With her Indiegogo, Wright opens up her entire archive and gives her audience an exclusive chance to get more music and content. You can also catch Wright live playing shows around Austin, or as a sound engineer at various venues.

Fans can find Sydney Wright at the following locations:

Sydney Wright does have several gigs coming up.  Check out gig dates below if you’re in Texas:

Fri. Nov. 9th- “Seiche” Album Release Show at Cheer Up Charlies in Austin, Texas (w/Color Candy, Skymomma, and That Girl Dre)

Sat. Dec. 1st- Hoot Night and HAAM Fundraiser at Saxon Pub in Austin, Texas (w/Guy Forsyth)

Wed. Dec. 5th- Texas Radio Live at Guero’s Taco Bar in Austin, Texas (w/Walker Lukens)

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