Mike Stancel of Allegaeon Converses with Madness To Creation on Apotosis, Beer, and Bach!

Mike Stancel of Allegaeon Converses with Madness To Creation on Apotosis, Beer, and Bach!

Editor’s Note:  We conversed in a parking garage at the Summer Slaughter tour at the Skyway Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Allegaeon just completed their set, which was probably the tightest set I have ever heard from a technical standpoint.  They stole the show that night at the Skyway Theater.  Mike Stancel was courteous enough to conduct this interview with us as he gave us some inkling on their upcoming record, along with pranks and other hysterical topics.  Fans can find Allegaeon at the following locations:



Madness To Creation:  I’m sure you get this question a lot, but how often do people mispronounce your band name?

Mike:  Almost 90% of the time, unless they hear it from us or from a fan that already knows it, it makes no sense with how it’s pronounced, our band was called Allegiance, but then we got cease and desist letters from other bands, and we were like, “screw it, let’s just add eon on there for no reason”.  They say it’s Gaelic for “Don’t Sue Us”.

Madness To Creation:  What else do you do to not get sued?

Mike:  Just have a really dumb name with a lot of vowels and try not to step on anyone’s toes.

Madness To Creation:  What’s the biggest prank that you’ve pulled?

Mike:  It was when we finished a tour with the band Ne Obliviscaris and they had these long sets where we had so much room to f*** with them, “sorry children”, we did three different pranks, the first one was where we set up beer pong on stage and played a full game of beer pong during one of their songs, and two songs later, we set up a full green room, so we set up the tables, set up the fruit, set up the snacks, that was one of our more dull ones, but it was pretty fun.

Madness To Creation:  When you play a game of beer pong, what is your beer of choice?

Mike:  I don’t really drink beer.  Cheap, free.  Free beer is the best beer to whoever is listening, I’m from Colorado and we’re supposed to be beer connoisseurs.  I’m going to get a lot of shit for this.

Madness To Creation:  Do you live an alcohol-free lifestyle?

Mike:  No!!  I play in a death metal band, I have to cope somehow.

Madness To Creation:  Allegaeon has obvious classical influences, what composer would you pick to cover or a song from a composer?

Mike:  We’re doing a Bach song on the next album as a bonus track, although he didn’t really write my favorite classical songs, but he’s still the greatest composer of all time, so it took a lot of work, a lot of work with our other guitar player, we’re going to do Bach’s “Concerto in D”, it’s seven minutes long, it’s really cool, so look out for it!

Madness To Creation:  When is the new music going to be released?

Mike:  It’s looking like about February of next year, mid to late February, should be about six singles coming out a month or two before that.

Madness To Creation:  Any names of the singles?

Mike:  We have them, I just don’t know them by heart yet.  I know them by working titles since we’ve been working on the songs for about two years.  The new album is called Apoptosis, I know there’s a title track, that’s one of them, the rest of them are a lot of science words that I do not remember.

Madness To Creation:  Essentially in the studio, what has been the most gratifying experience while creating this album?

Mike:  For me, it’s finally getting it chiseled into stone, into what it’s going to be, working on it at home on various programs, stuff like that, working on it and tweaking things, and it’s never really done, it’s kind of scary in the sense that we can’t go back and change anything, but it just kind of solidifies something.

Madness To Creation:  Would you consider yourself a perfectionist in the studio?

Mike:  Yeah, which sucks because you really can’t do that that much, which is funny because Allegaeon did two albums before I joined the band, and it seems like every album I’m on, I hate just because I hear things that I want to change and all that stuff, you always want to change something, so I’m just like, “can’t do that anymore”, and I just live with it.

Madness To Creation:  Do you consider yourself your own worst critic?

Mike:  Yes.  I absolutely do.

Madness To Creation:  What is one thing that you feel that you can grow as a musician in your craft?

Mike:  I feel that my songwriting hasn’t developed like I want it to, you can learn all the techniques and arpeggios and scales all you want, but if you can’t write a song, then what’s the point?  I would just say I need to keep improving myself in my writing, try to think of new things, just try to stay ahead of the game.

Madness To Creation:  Is staying ahead of the game sound advice you would give to other musicians as well?

Mike:  Yeah, I think that a lot of people think that they have to sound like one thing, they can be like, “I want to sound like this band”, well we already have that band, you should sound like yourself, and you’ll be an actual original thing, all these bands and people are like, “I want to sound like Pantera or I want to sound like this”, they were just doing themselves, they weren’t like, “we have to write like this”, so be true to yourself.

Madness To Creation:  What are you going to do on your break now that Summer Slaughter is over?

Mike:  Do the most nothing possible.  Stay at my parents house, lay in a hammock and drink cheap beer.

Madness To Creation:  Any ideas that you have for your pre-sales?

Mike:  Nothing set in stone, but we’re going to definitely do vinyl, we’re just trying to think of a good pre-order item where nobody has already had it, we’ll definitely have it to where there’s some incentive to buy ahead instead of just waiting for it to come out.

Madness To Creation:  Anything else you would like to add?

Mike:  Allegaeon is not responsible for any damages done to yourself or your vehicles.

And there you have it!  Check out their video to “All Hail Science” below.

Allegaeon and First Fragment will be providing direct support for Obscura and Fallujah on a European tour in February 2019.  Check out tour dates below.

Fri. Feb 1st- Backstage Concerts in Munchen, Germany

Sat. Feb 2nd- Z-Bau in Nuremberg, Germany

Sun. Feb 3rd- Patronaat in Haarlem, Netherlands

Mon. Feb 4th- The Fleece in Bristol, United Kingdom

Tue. Feb 5th- Voodoo Lounge in Dublin, Ireland

Wed. Feb 6th- The Cathouse in Glasgow, United Kingdom

Thu. Feb 7th- Rebellion in Manchester, United Kingdom

Fri. Feb 8th- O2 Academy Islington in London, United Kingdom

Sat. Feb 9th- Trabendo in Paris, France

Sun. Feb 10th- Metronum in Toulouse, France

Mon. Feb 11th- Santana 27 in Bilbao, Spain

Tue. Feb 12th- Hard Club in Porto, Portugal

Wed. Feb 13th- Caracoles in Madrid, Spain

Thu. Feb 14th- Sala Boveda in Barcelona, Spain

Fri. Feb 15th- CCO in Lyon, France

Sat. Feb 16th- Legend in Milano, Italy

Sun. Feb 17th- KIFF in Aarau, Switzerland

Mon. Feb 18th- Arena in Wien, Austria

Tue. Feb 19th- Conne Island Skatepark in Leipzig, Germany

Wed. Feb 20th- Lido in Berlin, Germany

Thu. Feb 21st- Logo in Hamburg, Germany

Fri. Feb 22nd- Kulttempel in Oberhausen, Germany

Sat. Feb 23rd- Rockhouse Salzburg in Salzburg, Austria

For tickets and further information on any show listed above, click here.


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