“Fist Of The Seven Stars Act 2(Hokuto Brothers) by GABRIELS is Out Now via Rockshots Records

Italian keyboard virtuoso GABRIELS new rock opera “Fist of The Seven Stars Act 2: Hokuto Brothers” featuring an assortment of guests (listed below) is now officially out as of August 31st via Rockshots Records

GABRIELS is a very well known keyboard player and musician based out of Italy along with being an active arranger and session-man who has worked with renowned musicians such as singer Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Angra), Mark Boals and keyboard player Mistheria among many others.

GABRIELS‘ first single and new lyric video “End of Cobra” is now available at https://youtu.be/TI4ESx8Y4Ss

GABRIELS explains the release:

“The concept of this rock opera is dedicated and freely adapted from the manga and anime “Hokuto no Ken” by Tetsuo Hara and Buronson. In Act 1 released in 2016, the first part of the story was the girlfriend of the protagonist is kidnapped by his enemy and rival in martial arts.  In Act 2, the story continues with many new characters like Rey, Mamyia, Ailee, Toky and others to tell the story of the descendants among the Hokuto brothers. This story has become legend in Japan and around the world.”
1. The Search of Water Bird
2. Cobra Clan
3. End of Cobra
4. I See Again
5. Scream My Name
6. Miracle Land
7. I’m A Genius
8. Looking For Your Brother
9. Myth of Cassandra
10. Reunion
11. Legend of Fear
12. King of Fist

13. Heart of Madness (Bonus Track)

Album Line Up:

Gabriels (Vivaldi Metal Project, Platens, Metaphysics, Aldaria): All the keyboards, composer, arranger and Producer.

Cast of characters:
Wild Steel (Shadows of Steel) as Ken
Jo Lombardo (Metatrone, Ancestral) as Ray
Rachel “Iron Majesty” Lungs as Mamiya
Dario Grillo (Platens, Violet Sun) as Toky
Alfonso Giordano (Steel Raiser) as Wiggle
Iliour Griften (Beto Vazquez’ Infinity, Clairvoyant) as Amiba
Antonio Pecere (Crimson Dawn) as Raoul
Dave Dell’Orto (Drakkar, Verde Lauro) as Jagger
Beatrice Bini (Constraint, Vivaldi Metal Project) as Aylee

Matt Bernardi (Ruxt) as Cobra Boss

Antonello Giliberto
Francesco Ivan Sante dall’ò
Stefano Calvagno (Metatrone)
Antonio Pantano (Arcandia)
Tommy Vitaly
Frank Caruso (Arachnes)
Daria Domovik (Concordea)
Andrew Spane

Stefano Filoramo

Dino Fiorenza (Metatrone)
Beto Vazquez (Beto Vazquez’s Infinity)
Adrian Hansen
Fabio Zunino

Arkadiusz E. Ruth (Path Finder)

Mattia Stancioiu (ex-Vision Divine, ex- Labirynth)
Simone Alberti (Gabriels)
Giovanni Maucieri (Gabriels)
Michele Sanna (Coma)
Salvo Pennisi


Gabriels, son of art, was educated by his father from an early age in piano studies, among his teachers, Salvatore Calafato, Olivia Carauddo, and with Prof. Antonia Salpietro he reached the degree of the I level at the Conservatory of Music A. Corelli (Messina, Italy). Along with his Classical studies, Gabriels started his career as Rock and Metal keyboardist listing various studio and live collaborations, performing recently with one of the greatest metal singers, Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire, Angra).

Gabriels, under this moniker, has released two singles, an EP and three albums distributed by SG Records: “The Enchanted Wood” (Electronic Music), “Call Me” (Rock), “The Legend of Prince” (Rock Opera). Other studio works include Gabriels & Alex: “Non Dirmi Addio” (Italian Pop), DenieD: “Seven Stars” (Power Metal), Metaphysics: “Beyond The Nightfall” (Progressive Metal), Platens: “Out of The World” (AOR). He has also collaborated with the metal webzine www.metallizzed.it whom involved in classical music, writing reviews, and articles. Gabriels has also worked as a producer at his own studio and school of music “Soundimension Records” located in Milazzo (Italy). In 2013, he released the album “Prophecy” (Indipendence Records), a rock-opera dedicated to September 11 victims with Mark Boals on vocals followed by  2 albums released in 2016 “Fist of The Seven Stars Act 1” and the “Vivaldi Metal Project” produced by Mistheria and Alberto Rigoni featuring many internationally renowned artists from around the world, a huge project for Gabriels as an arranger and keyboardist.

For more info:

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