North Carolina’s Ape Vermin Releases Lyric Video for “Sonic Monolith”

Formed in August 2017 by Brett Lee (guitar/vocals/percussion) and Charlie Burleson (percussion), Ape Vermin is a sludge metal trio hailing from Valdese, North Carolina that delivers progressive, primal and percussive grooves to the masses. Birthed from the same vein of doomy prog acts such as Conan, Sumac and Slabdragger, they are a treat for anyone who wishes to indulge in thick, tasteful riffs and a heavy, distorted overall sound.

After enlisting the talents of Charlie Burleson and Jeb Laird (bassist/backup vocals), the band began writing and their debut album“Sonic Monolith” was recently released this past June of 2018 with a great response. Citing that they, as a band, want to give listeners a journey, they broach topics including astronomy, murder, occult, myths, apocalypse and extraterrestrials.

Vocalist / guitarist Brett Lee explains:

“The album is a self-created concept album. Here’s the tale in short, The Astral Drones are activated to leave the planet they are stationed on and travel through space while emitting a sonic DB that will trigger the monolith (Mega Pyramid/Spaceship operated by Higher beings) to initiate and proceed with what needs to be done (The Oath they made) within the galaxy. It has been triggered so it and the drones can proceed to visit each planet in this particular galaxy and release their thousands of lab-raised subspecies of ape (Ape Vermin) to aid them in destroying everything on the planet(s) so they can re-propagate the planet(s) with a new self-created hybrid Species(Not the apes).”

Still a fledgling band, Ape Vermin continues to push their limits as musicians, and test different styles, genres and influence to further develop their sound. Focusing on sludge and doom, Ape Vermin likes to keep things spicy with nods to black metal and prog. With future plans to tour, and release more albums as well a comic book, Ape Vermin is looking forward to the future.

The band’s new lyric video for the album’s title track can be heard at the following link:

Album download and stream available on BandcampiTunesSpotifyCD BabyAmazon.

Track Listing:
1. Astral Drones (9:28)
2. Oath (4:58)
3. Abominable Hashmen (6:09)
4. Witch-Jive (4:19)
5. Sonic Monolith (12:10)
Album Length: 37:06

Album Band / Live Line Up:
Brett Lee (Guitar/Vocals/Percussion)
Jeb Laird (Bassist/Backup Vocals)
Charlie Burleson (Percussion)

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