Jupiter Hollow Releases Music Video for “Null Without Praise”

One of Toronto’s favourite ambient progressive metal / rock duo JUPITER HOLLOW have released a new music video for their 16 minute opus “Null Without Praise” featured on their new album “AHDOMN”.

The video can be viewed at the following links:
SkullnBones – https://skullsnbones.com/exclusive-premiere-jupiter-hollow-release-music-video-for-null-without-praise-new-album-out-today/
Youtube – https://youtu.be/hvHfO7G3FkY
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/JupiterHollowOfficial/videos/1847669955285503/

“AHDOMN” is the continuation of JUPITER HOLLOW‘s highly praised debut EP “Odyssey” and features two new epic songs,“Mandating Our Existence” and “Null Without Praise”, each over 10 minutes to join previously released tracks “Ascending”, “Hades Heart”, “Deep In Space” and “Over 50 Years” to complete as one progressive adventure.

In addition to the release of “ADOHMN”JUPITER HOLLOW want fans to really understand the world that inspires them with the launch of “The Odyssey Experience”, an all free encounter for fans to sign up to at http://www.jupiterhollow.ca/jointheodyssey where they have unlimited access on a day to day adventure to the behind the scenes concepts and stories plus songwriting along with getting the entire “Odyssey” EP for free.

“When joining the Odyssey Experience, we will be giving you our entire Odyssey EP for free, day by day, in every format you might need from ultra high wav, to mp3, soundcloud stream you name it, with never before access to the concept of each song, the making of each song, in studio recording, us setting up for the music videos…. Everything we have on our hard drives that we have relating to the songs and what went into them, we want you to have over 5 days. We’ll want your feedback on everything we’ve done so we can keep improving for the next time.” says JH’s Grant MacKenzie. “And even if you don’t take this offer, we just want to say that there’s no pressure and thanks so much for listening up until this point, even if you don’t come with us we want to say that you’re the reason we’re able to continue doing this. So thanks again for watching, you can sign up to the Odyssey Experience below and we can’t wait to see how this whole thing turns out.”

Watch – Join the Odyssey Experience! – https://youtu.be/iYi_Cyjfudg

Sign up at http://www.jupiterhollow.ca/jointheodyssey 

What is The Odyssey Experience?

The Journey
If you’re a music lover, albums have always been a journey. You may remember digesting your first progressive rock/metal album growing up – how these albums wove their way around every friendship, every breakup, every fight, every grade in school.

The Odyssey Experience enhances the journey of the classic album by taking you through the concept of the album, elevating the discussion between artist and listener.

The Quality
Are you tired of being herded around from iTunes to Spotify to Bandcamp? Do you have 8 different logins just to listen to the artists you like? Do you wish that artists would stop making things so scrambled and just let you listen YOUR way?

The Odyssey Experience will be delivered to you day by day through direct download and free stream. You can get these songs in 3 different formats including ultra-high quality WAV. Own it or stream it without logging in!

The Extras
5 songs, 5 videos, and 12 months of hard work and dedication by only 2 guys.

That’s what went into this EP. We thought it would be a shame to let that all go to waste. On the Odyssey Experience, you’ll have access to behind-the-scenes content, detailed explanations, bonus tracks, and limited VIP experiences that can’t be found anywhere else!

Track Listing:
1. Ascending (2:46)
2. Hades Heart (4:31)
3. Deep In Space (5:05)
4. Over 50 Years (5:00)
5. Mandating Our Existence (10:29)
6. Null Without Praise (16:32)

Album Length: 44:26

Grant MacKenzie (guitar, bass, synth)
Kenny Parry (vocals, drums, synth/keys)

Show Dates:
May 19 – Owls Club – Toronto, ON – (Album Release Show) info

For more info, please visit:

About the duo:

Grant, who plays guitar, bass and synth for the band started his music career 8 ½ years ago at the age of 12, sitting in his basement watching the movie Rock Prophecies. This movie was about legendary rock photographer Robert M. Knight, finding and transforming a young, unknown guitarist from a small town into a worldwide success. Inspired and motivated, Grant spent the next few years honing his guitar skills, writing music, and later learning the business side by attending college for business marketing. At age 20, Grant was invited into the Brotherhood of the Guitar, by founder Robert M. Knight, leading to endorsements with Ernie Ball Music Man and JH Audio.

While Grant was performing with another group at a local battle of the bands, he came across a mesmerizing singer by the name of Kenny Parry (vocalist, drummer and synth for Jupiter Hollow), who was almost performing as if he was possessed on stage, hitting notes that seemed impossible by any guy. Kenny Parry started music at the young age of 2 years old, setting up pots and pans like a drum set and banging away. This led to an obsession with music, and a discovery of his unique talent. In his teenage years, Kenny won himself the title “Best Drummer in Ontario” 3 years in a row. Around this time, Kenny started learning how to sing after being inspired by singers such as Maynard James Keenan, Mike Lessard, Dan Tompkins and Ian Kenny to name a few. Through years of strengthening his vocal abilities in choirs, bands and hours of dedication, Kenny has acquired an articulate vocal range, relentless endurance, and almost shocking performance through his uncontrollable stage presence.

Shortly after meeting, Grant and Kenny knew that their talents combined would create something truly unique, and Jupiter Hollow was born. Since then, the duo effortlessly created music in Kenny’s basement for months on end. The concept grew to be a two-man band, since Grant and Kenny wrote all of the music and wanted to keep it that way. The two musicians use technology to their advantage, allowing them to perform with a dominating stage presence, while captivating their audiences with their unique sonic journey.

– 30 –

“Without a doubt, Jupiter Hollow are elite musicians. Grant and Kenny know exactly how to captivate an audience with their music. This theory is proven through the artistic journey that is their record, Odyssey. Their music is tasteful. This is one of the few records that I have been able to sit down and listen to the entire record without skipping a single track. You might think progressive music isn’t for everyone but Jupiter Hollow, makes listening to a genre of music that can be classified as challenging to listen to, rather easy. Every song on Odyssey is an emotional journey, musically and lyrically. Let the music take you by the hand and embrace the emotion in its purest form. Listen to Jupiter Hollow. Now. There’s a reason why they’re being noticed. It’s because they love what they do and they’re good at it!” – Alex CrazyAce, Host/Executive Producer of ‘The Rush’ on VIBE105 FM – Interview can be heard here.

“Jupiter Hollow’s songs and performances on their upcoming record AHDOMN are BEASTS! It’s a true masterpiece. These 2 guys are taking the Prog world by storm.” – Jamie King, The Basement Recording (The Contortionist, Between the Buried & Me)

“The two gifted musicians ignite a real firework of creativity and that in just five songs. This masterpiece is refined by an extremely good sound. For anyone who has even a small drop of progressivity in their blood, it is a must to listen to this. The future of progressive rock / metal seems assured.” – Metalogy

“I went into this open minded but Jupiter Hollow truly shocked me with this EP. The guys have a refreshing sound, very different to what I usually listen to. Musically, it’s written really well and I can definitely tell that the duo are going places.” – Broken Arrow Magazine

“Jupiter Hollow have given the world five songs of progressive brilliance. For such a young duo hailing from Barrie, Ontario they pack a serious punch. They are great musicians and have crafted an amazing voice which touches on a range of progressive cliches but with a twist of more ambient music. Their music shows maturity beyond their age…” – The Independent Voice

“I’m very impressed by this EP on any level. Sounding, to my mind, like a cross between Rush, Zombi, and Mastodon, this is progressive metal as it should be. Grant MacKenzie and Kenny Parry, the two men that make up Jupiter Hollow, can be proud of this EP. It features strong playing, excellent song-writing, and above all, it is most uplifting, something we really need in this day and age. A band to look out for in the future.” – Hellbound

“New listeners can expect to go on a musical journey when hearing Jupiter Hollow.” – Barrie Advance

“Teen duo Jupiter Hollow deserve props for valuing virtuosity and going against the grain. Rock on!” – Power of Pop

“A young Canadian duo ready to bring fans of complex music a spacey, experimental and refreshing experience with their excellent debut EP, bursting with high-quality heaviness and progressiveness.” – The Headbanging Moose

“An adventurous duo that isn’t afraid to experiment with sound as well as influences, which range from Rush to A Perfect Circle to newer Leprous. ” – Lords of Metal

“What these two guys accomplish both live and on this five-track album is simply mind blowing. The fact that a duo can write and perform music of this quality at their age simply says the future for Jupiter Hollow could be stellar. Imagine the combination of Rush, Tool, Yes, with a live show that captures everything you could want to experience and see in a performance…I can honestly say that only a week into 2017, I have already pegged this as one of my faves of the year. To know that Odyssey will soon be followed by the full length album, Ahdomn has me salivating for more Jupiter Hollow.” – SkullsnBones

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