Rocky Morningside Releases Parody Music Video for “Sweep Ya Leg”

“Sweep Ya Leg” is a B-side track that was to never be released, but when the news of a YouTube Red series was announced for Cobra Kai, the Karate Kid saga continues, “Sweep Ya Leg” was pulled from the archives. The script was quickly written and the video, which was recently filmed in New Orleans, was co-produced/directed by me and produced by Chris Ganucheau” says Rocky.

Rocky continues, “Sweep Ya Leg” is a fun filled, action packed video about two guys Rocky Morningside and One Touch, walking through the streets of New Orleans. As they go about their day they habitually stumble upon pesky guys awkwardly harassing women as well as relationship conundrums that they can’t seem to turn a blind eye to. Their unconventional heroism catches the attention of a local gang leader whom doesn’t take kindly to the commotion that’s affecting business as usual in Nola.”

Check out the video here!

There is a lot to look forward to from Rocky Morningside. Rocky Morningside also released the first single from his soon to be released album titled Love Kills Slowly entitled “Love Kills”. What you can expect from the record is a roller coaster of emotions nicely packaged into what is the metamorphosis of Rocky Morningside’s personal life entanglements and the antidote in which spawned the emergence of Rocky from within himself and throughout it all.

Love Kills Slowly is a concept album that opens the book to Rocky’s love life while painting a relatively vivid picture of who he has evolved into and why. It’s brutal, point blank, and lyrically front and center. It is unlike anything you’ve ever heard and no song sounds the same.

The album will not be released in a conventional fashion. “Love Kills” will be released starting with the album’s self-titled track “Love Kills Slowly” on the Full Flower Moon evening of May 29. Moving forward you can expect Rocky to release two new tracks followed by at least one video each month on EVERY FULL MOON.

Listed below is Rocky’s tentative celestial schedule, when full moons will occur in 2018, according to NASA:

May 29 Flower Moon
• Love Kills Slowly (song/video)
June 28 Strawberry Moon
• Wrong Chic (song/video)
• Super Model (song/video)
July 27 Buck Moon
• Broke Bitch (song/video)
• Flamingo (song/video)
August 26 Sturgeon Moon
• Nothing To Say (song/video)
• Pants Dirty (song/video)
September 24 Harvest Moon
• Rock the Mic (song/video)
• Hearts & Daggers (song/video)
• So ill (song/video)
October 24 Hunters Moon
November 23 Beaver Moon
December 22 Cold Moon

This is going to be wild ride from an unorthodox business man and modern artist, Rocky Morningside. Stay tuned!

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