The Deep and the Dark: A Terrific Continuation of Vision of Atlantis’ Voyage


On February 16, Visions of Atlantis released The Deep and the Dark via Napalm Records.  The fact this band continues to strive forward is a testament to the strength and character of its current members as only one  original member( drummer Thomas Caser) remains from the lineup that produced Eternal Endless Infinity in  2000.  Despite multiple lineup changes and tragedy, the band remains true to is roots:  producing powerful yet symphonic metal infused with inspiration of myth of the continent of Atlantis.


The current lineup in addition to Caser includes vocalist Clementine Delauney, vocalist Siegfied Samer, guitarist Christian Douscha, and bassist Herbert Glos.  Throughout the album, Delauney and Samer provide the perfect complement to each other with their powerful vocals. Delauney in particular captures the listener immediately with the opening title track “The Deep and the Dark.”  This is a truly inspirational song that serves as a great introduction to the alubum. Delauney draws the listener in when she sings “Losing faith on my battleground; the shadows leave their mark; your light brings me back from the deep and the dark.”  It’s a song that could be about a love interest or simply a motivation person in your life; either way it’s an upbeat, powerful song for the listener to relate to.


The album continues with “Return to Lemuria” and “Ritual Night” which are both very solid tracks and then “The Silent Mutiny” really sticks out as another hit-quality track.  This is another song the listener can rally around, similar to the opening track. “We are the rebels; we think for ourselves; Some men can rule but no men can be slaves; a free heart a free mind is changing the game; the world shall never be the same” is a stanza that fully expresses the power of this song.  It is also the song, that at least in my opinion Samer has his strongest presence, not so much in the amount of vocals he provides but in the power of his sound and message.


The album continues on with a very nice flow.  Every track on this album is very solid, but the next “Wow!” moment is “Dead Reckoning.”  What sticks out with this song is the combination of hearing both Samer and Delauney’s voices very early.  In fact, this is the song that best exemplifies their combined talents. The instrumental portion of the song that lasts for approximately a minute halfway through the track is also powerful and very complementary to the overall theme expressed in the following lyrics:  “When all hope is gone; and you feel so along; Trust upon the heaven in your heart.”


Overall, The Deep and the Dark is a very powerful album.  All of the songs contain strong messages of hope and contain uplifting sounds.  For comparison’s sake, fans of bands such as Lacuna Coil and Dragonforce (though Visions of Atlantis is not as heavy) will see elements of this style of music expressed here.  


Track Listing for The Deep and the Dark:


  1. The Deep and the Dark
  2. Return To Lemuria
  3. Ritual Night
  4. The Silent Mutiny
  5. Book of Nature
  6. The Last Home
  7. The Grand Illusion
  8. Dead Reckoning
  9. Words of War
  10. Prayer to the Lost


Please view the official video for the title track “The Deep and the Dark” and “Dead Reckoning” here:


And lastly, you can learn more about the band and stay up-to-date on all things Visions of Atlantis through the following social media outlets:

Fans can also check out Visions Of Atlantis at the following locations:

Monday, April 30th- Walpurgisnacht in Thale, Germany

Friday, June 1st- Metalfest Open Air Festival in Plzen, Czech Republic

Saturday, September 1st- Zgeirz City Of Power Festival in Zgeriz, Poland

Visions Of Atlantis will be touring with Kamelot and Leaves Eyes in the fall.  Check out tour dates below.

Wednesday, September 12th- Live Music Hall in Cologne, Germany

Friday, September 14th- Miev in Geislingen an der Steige, Germany (w/Shred Attack)

Sunday, September 16th- Colos-Saal in Aschaffenburg, Germany

Friday, September 28th- Markthalle in Hamburg, Germany

Sunday, September 30th- Konzertfabrik Z27 in Prattein, Switzerland

Visions Of Atlantis will be continuing their fall run with Serenity.  Check out tour dates below.

Wednesday, October 24th- Musigberg in Aarburg, Switzerland

Thursday, October 25th- Cafe Central in Weinheim, Germany

Sunday, October 28th- Gebr de Nobel in Leiden, Netherlands

Tuesday, October 30th- Cco Jean Pierre Lachaize in Villeurbanne, France

Wednesday, October 31st- Arci Tom in Mantua, Italy

Thursday, November 1st- Jugend-und Kulturzentrum in Graz, Austria

Friday, November 2nd- Durer Kert in Budapest, Hungary

Saturday, November 3rd- ((szene)) in Wien, Austria

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here!



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