“Graceless” EP by Widow’s Peak Streaming via Decibel Mag!

While many metal bands find inspiration from supernatural sources, myths, and legends, WIDOW’S PEAK find influence from true life horror, from the depths of cruelty, terror and pain that man(un)kind so readily descends to. WIDOW’S PEAK is an aural catalogue of carnage, a metallic mausoleum of pain, a sonic symphony of suffering. Their music does not reach for the stars, but rather for the cold void that surrounds them, the darkness that lives in the soul of man. Make no mistake; WIDOW’S PEAK’s ferocity is the music of the spears, metal dripping with blood, bile and venom!

Set to unleash their debut EP “Graceless” this Friday, April 27th, these brutal technical death metal tyrants have teamed up with Decibel Magazine to pummel your senses with its full stream premiere at the following link: https://www.decibelmagazine.com/2018/04/25/full-ep-stream-widows-peak-graceless/

The band comments:

“Graceless” is a jagged and angular approach to technical death metal that fuses tales of perverse violence with the sounds of chaos. We set out to create something that’s brutal and overwhelming, but never loses sight of the underlying groove. We feel that this EP is exactly that: 20 minutes of bang-your-head, balls-to-the-wall madness that any fan of extreme metal will appreciate.”

“Graceless” is available for pre-order on the Bandcamp here.

Track Listing:
1. Debt Collector (3:47)
2. CBT (3:47)
3. Overseer (2:02)
4. Headless (2:58)
5. Mother Misery (3:34)
6. Graceless (3:25)
EP Length: 19:35
Patricio Cereceda-Paulsen – Drums
Chris McCrimmon – Lead Guitar
Matt Yeomans – Vocals
Scott Cressman – Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Mike Jones – Bass, Vocals

Show Dates:
April 27 – Calgary, AB – Distortion (CD Release) – info
June 7 – Calgary, AB – Distortion – Decimate MetalFest – info
Aug 3 – Drumheller, AB – Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds – Loud As Hell Fest – info
Aug 10 – Vanderhoof, BC – Brookside Resort – Metallion Festival – info

For more info:

“Canadian technical death metal outfit Widow’s Peak might be more man than machine, judging by Graceless, their new EP. Starting from the second you hit play, Widow’s Peak attack with blistering fretwork, relentless drumming and a diverse vocal performance.” – Decibel Magazine

“an inventive display of breathtaking destructiveness married to kaleidoscopic, head-spinning instrumental performances, and further reveals an unconventional taste in melody that makes the song even more fascinating….but there’s still more to be said about the song. In broad strokes, it’s complete balls-to-the-wall mayhem, mostly rushing ahead in the red zone, from the barrage of percussive tumult to the mutilating riffs and the deranged, insectile leads. And to add to the feeling of lunatic savagery, the bullet-spitting vocals veer from monster roars to banshee shrieks.” – No Clean Singing (Track Review – Mother’s Misery)

“Brewing in the darkest depths and the most pungent of bowels of Calgary, Alberta, Widow’s Peak comes spewing forth with their debut EP titled Graceless. This is a demented, dark and incredibly vile release filled with six full tracks that are sure to rip your scalp right off your skull. ” – Cadaver Garden

“Friends of technical death metal will rejoice over the technically precise and relentlessly brutal wave of destruction resounding on the soon to be released debut EP from Widow’s Peak. The Canadians from Calgary, Alberta are still pretty much an underground tip but “Graceless” is a promising move to get this band more well-deserved attention.” – Overdrive Music Mag

“The songs are savage and ferocious affairs, featuring head-spinning technicality that’s offset by brutal riffs and belligerent rhythms. With plenty of blast and groove, as well as sickening guttural growls, Graceless is sure to keep fans of extremity happy.” – Wonderbox Metal

“Groovy killer rhythms, twisted paces and just catching rhythms, enough sick to be supported by all the fans into technical death metal! ” – Sick and Destroy

“Lyrically vile and discomforting, they focus on the strangely perverse and dark aspects of the human condition and real life events” – Ursound

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