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“Mood Swings” by Divided Minds, emotions run the gamut here!

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On April 6th, punk/alternative rock trio Divided Minds released their EP entitled “Mood Swings” via We Are Triumphant.  This EP showcases some authenticity in the world of punk and alternative rock.

The beautiful thing about this genre is the way that it has evolved over the years.  As of late, with groups like Movements, Super Whatevr, and The Wonder Years, this genre has showcased a bit of singer songwriter capabilities of yesteryear while still maintaining that edge that fans of this genre have looked for, and Divided Minds certainly has those attributes in “Mood Swings”.

The album is appropriately titled based upon the different topics and different arrangements that this EP offers.  The album starts off pretty hard hitting with the track “Norterra Parkway”, it is a great driving track that is essential for this genre, it somehow brings about memories while examining through the difficulties of relationships, yet it brings about that hope that people look for when they experience struggles in relationships.  “Don’t Get Too Close” is an even harder hitting song that showcases some screams and angst in the bridge of the track, in which it deals with people having a general mistrust of people for various reasons.

Other themes explored in this track include a very personal song dealing with the relationship of his mother in “Elizabeth”.  It sounds like a heartbreaking song that is full of memories with some regrets intertwined into those memories, Divided Minds wrote it in such a way to where people can relate to the song.  “I Forgot You” is that feeling of dealing with the “you’re dead to me” aspect when dealing with the breakup in a relationship.  The rhythm section really shines for Divided Minds in this track.

Overall, this is a solid EP that puts Divided Minds on the map.  That’s what a strong EP should do, as it has that appeal towards fans of punk and alternative.  The songwriting efforts of Divided Minds stands out as Madness To Creation rates this a 8 out of 10 stars on this EP for the diversity of the songs and the arrangements of the songs.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Norterra Parkway
  2.  Don’t Get Too Close
  3.  Take My Hand
  4.  I Forgot You
  5.  Elizabeth
  6.  Life’s Overrated

Fans can find Divided Minds at the following locations:

On Saturday, May 12th, Divided Minds will be a part of the Grom & Mini Bike Show at GO AZ Motorcycles in Scottsdale, Arizona.  For tickets and further information, click here!


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