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“Quinceanera” by Vendetta Red, unique arrangements!

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Sometimes when I think of arrangements, I think of HGTV, you know where the snarky person gripes because the countertops aren’t granite or that the master bedroom isn’t the size of a three bedroom apartment.  I also think of many fabrics many arrangements to try to make that room full of uniqueness and have a certain amount of flair and pizzazz.  Also, have you also tried to put a few brushstrokes too much to add that color and it sticks out too much, or add that piece of furniture in a room and it sticks out too much instead of blend in with the design.  That’s kind of what you get with Vendetta Red’s April 13th release of “Quinceanera”, which is being released via Cleopatra Records.

Case in point, I love the arrangements and soulful melodies of the opening track entitled “Swim”, the arrangements make it feel like that 60’s feeling of women in their polka-dot bikinis and muscle cars abound trying to impress those ladies, they’re rocking yet they feel light and fluffy at the same time.  It’s a good start for Vendetta Red.  Then, here is where the point I’m trying to make comes in on “Wild And Dangerous”.  Similar style of arrangements, where I’m kind of expecting a great song to kind of rock out and chill out to at the same time, then out of nowhere to sound pretty edgy or different they add these drums that sound tribal, but they come off as pretty obnoxious, and it takes away from the song.  I would’ve completely done without those tribal sounding drums or make them sound subtle instead of having them dominate my speakers.

In the song “Deceiver”, I enjoy the video game/science fiction type of sound where the singer of Vendetta Red sounds completely sociopathic and has somewhat of that haunting yet sinister vibe to the song.  The guitar arrangement in the intro sounds great, I enjoy the bluesy feel to it, but this is where the song should pick up in that part, make the rhythm section sound more grooving and pulsating.  Also, as the chorus picks up, I need to hear the music more to blend in with the vocals.

“Saw Something, Said Something” is definitely the most aggressive track from Vendetta Red where it has that old-school punk feel to it mixed with today’s rock ala Turbowolf or Greta Van Fleet, just that soulful classic rock feel.  It’s one of the more enjoyable songs on the record.  “Encantado” seems to have an ode to Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers type of feel to it, which makes me impressed with his vocal range, and sometimes simplicity is all that it should be with this band, simple can be profound in a song, as Vendetta Red showcases in “Encantado” with the harmonics in the guitar and the lushful arrangements.  The instrumental break and the bridge of the song makes this a joyful song to listen to.

Overall, Vendetta Red has a few highlights in the songs with cutting edge type of arrangements which make them unique.  Fans will appreciate them being diverse in their influences with that mix of 60’s surf rock with 90’s Weezer with the classic rock type of arrangements that seem to be the trend in rock music today.  However, I felt that in a few parts in the album, it seemed forced to where they were trying too hard to stand out, maybe that’s just their style, and their fans will get what they’re trying to accomplish.  This is a decent effort with a few solid songs, but if they tweak their production and become more simplistic in their arrangements, then this band will absolutely stick out.  Madness To Creation gives “Quinceanera” by Vendetta Red a 6.5 out of 10 stars.  Here is the track listing below.

  1.  Swim
  2.  Wild And Dangerous
  3.  The Dreamers
  4.  Encantado
  5.  Saw Something, Said Something
  6.  West Of Birmingham
  7.  Deceiver
  8.  The Unending War
  9.  No Way Out
  10.  Acquiesce
  11.  Til You Have Forgiven Me
  12.  The Circle

Here is a preview of the record below.

Fresh off of their support run for He Is We, Seattle rockers Vendetta Red will be providing support for Puddle Of Mudd coming up.  Check out tour dates below!

Sunday, April 22nd- The Analog Cafe and Theater in Portland, Oregon(w/Fighting Casper and Goats Of Belmont)

Monday, April 23rd- Liquid Lounge in Boise, Idaho(headlining)

Wednesday, April 25th- Ruffed Up Duck in Laramie, Wyoming(headlining)

Friday, April 27th- Herman’s Hideaway in Denver, Colorado (w/Puddle Of Mudd)

Saturday, April 28th- Sunshine Studio Live in Colorado Springs, Colorado (w/Puddle Of Mudd)

Sunday, April 29th- Liquid Joe’s in Salt Lake City, Utah (w/Puddle Of Mudd)

Tuesday, May 1st- Old Nick’s Pub in Eugene, Oregon (headlining)

Fans can find Vendetta Red at the following locations:



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