Decatur Releases Music Video for “Worst Enemy” off of “Badder Than Brooklyn”

Unleashing their debut album “Badder Than Brooklyn” produced by Joe Duplantier of Gojira during October of last year along with a lengthy tour across Canada, Toronto-based metal messiahs DECATUR are kicking off 2018 with the premiere of their new video “Worst Enemy” on Bravewords. The video is a message from the band to conquer the fight against depression and follows the album’s songs of power and empowerment, a clarion call for strength in life’s battles…healing through headbanging.

Vocalist / guitarist Jay Sarrazin comments:

“Worst Enemy was actually the first song I wrote for this album. I was at a pretty dark place in my life at the time. I was struggling with depression and anxiety and was constantly berating myself with negativity. I felt trapped in a box so to speak and I became my own worst enemy. That’s what the song is about and the music video we made emphasizes that emotion of being trapped in that box or in your own head saying all these things to yourself. Throughout the years I have learned to find more coping methods and I am always learning more about myself. Hopefully this song helps other knows they are not alone and to seek help if they need it.”

Watch “Worst Enemy”  at

Listen to “Badder Than Brooklyn” full album stream at the following link:

Album order available here.

Track Listing:
1. Internal War (2:56)
2. Into The Night (3:45)
3. Vegas Girl (3:46)
4. Worst Enemy (3:10)
5. Badder Than Brooklyn (3:56)
6. Bottled Inside (3:13)
7. Tear You (3:10)
8. Abaddon (3:48)
9. Shatterproof (3:51)
10. Internal War Pt. 2 (4:47)
Album Length: 36:27

Album Band Lineup:
– Jay “Beard” Sarrazin – Vocals / Guitar
– Tiny Basstank – Bass
– Steve “The Animal” Mitchell – Drums

Live Band Lineup:
– Jay “Beard” Sarrazin – Vocals / Guitar
– Tiny Basstank – Bass
– Steve “The Animal” Mitchell – Drums
– Liam Maguire – Guitar
For more info:


DECATUR is comprised of Jay “Beard” Sarrazin (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Tiny Basstank (Bass/Backup Vocals), Steve “Animal” Mitchell (Drums/ Backup Vocals), and Liam Maguire (Guitar/Backup Vocals) have sensed the hunger from metal fans for proper metal with real songs, music built on the foundations of the past to last far into the future. Make no mistake, DECATUR are a band that puts the grit into integrity, as guitarist/vocalist Jay ‘Beard’ Sarrazin says, DECATUR make “real metal for real metalheads.”

– 30 –

“Badder Than Brooklyn is one of those wonderful albums that will give you little to complain about…one of the best heavy metal releases this year. Shatterproof & Internal War Pt. 2 confirm this with the former a very traditional & groove-layered slab while the latter goes for a more melodic approach.” Games, Brrrains & A Head-Banging Life

“Badder Than Brooklyn is a solid debut album of modern metal that’s worth seeking out.” – Heavy Metal HQ

“Great for a pounding run or a body-wrecking workout, Badder Than Brooklyn will satisfy fans of metal, hard rock, or good old-fashioned rock and roll.” – Shockwave Mag

“The energy in the room was electrifying, and it was impossible not to mosh and head bang with intense vigour. The band’s connection on stage was infectious, as it was obvious that these guys loved what they were doing and loved doing it together.” – The Phoenix News – Live Review – Kelowna, BC
“Badder Than Brooklyn is a formidable effort by these talented newcomers. Considering​ the fact that this is their debut album, I most certainly think that they have nailed it. With memorable and we’ll crafted songwriting, if these guys keep up their work I see a bright future ahead if them. Undoubtedly an album that I will recommend for all Thrash/Groove Metal enthusiasts. That being said I hope they will come back even stronger in their sophomore effort for which I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled.” – Metal Centre

“Toronto-based Decatur, with their debut release Badder Than Brooklyn, has created a metal album for metal’s sake, a traditionally fast, heavy riffing, drivingly intense set of tunes to be included on an FM radio station in the next installment of Grand Theft Auto playing between Megadeth’s “Holy War…The Punishment Due”, Metallica’s “Battery”, and right after Pantera’s “Walk”.” – Canadian Beats

“The ten track album is an eclectic powerhouse. ” Groove Talk Podcast

“Intense riffing, heavy drum beats, melodic hooks and dark vocals are what the listener gets offered” – Obliveon

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