Black Moth’s “Anatomical Venus” Establishes the Band’s Unique Blend of Power and Melody!


On March 2, 2018 Black Moth released their third studio album titled Anatomical Venus via Spinefarm Records.  The band is comprised of vocalist Harriet Hyde, guitarists Jim Swainston and Federica Gialanze, bassist Dave Vachon, and drummer Dom McCready.  Black Moth has a unique sound that has developed through the course of its three releases. Anatomical Venus is by far the heaviest of the three albums, yet maintains the melodic sounds of previous work.  The work is driven by the fact that Hyde has one of the truly special voices in the industry, intense yet soothing at the same time.

The album starts strong with with the track “Istra.”  In addition to perhaps being the absolute best song on the album, it is the perfect first song.  The buildup and opening riffs are outstanding and then the listener is graced by Hyde’s powerful voice at the minute mark.  Black Moth gives you their best right away to hook the listener.

The second track on the album “Moonbow” is the first release of the album.  It is a slightly slower song than the opener but just as heavy and works as a perfect compliment in establishing the flow of the album.  You can check out this amazing song below:


While the whole album is solid, the only other track that jumped out at me in particular is “A Lover’s Hate”.  This song is Hyde at her finest coupled with a terrific opening riff that sets up the intensity of the song. The song is filled with lyrics that reflect an inner struggle as the title would imply.  In fact, lyrically I think this is the deepest the album has to offer!

Overall, I give “Anatomical Venus” a solid 4/5 stars.  The band demonstrates a polished yet garage-band sound if that is possible and is fronted by one of the best female vocalists in the business!  Definitely give this album a listen!

Track Listing:

  1. Istra
  2. Moonbow
  3. Sisters of the Stone
  4. Buried Hoards
  5. Severed Grace
  6. A Lovers Hate
  7. Screen Queen
  8. Tourmaline
  9. A Thousand Arrows
  10. Pig Man

On Friday, May 4th, Black Moth will be appearing at Desert Fest in London, United Kingdom.  Also appearing at the festival include Monster Magnet, Nebula, Eyehategod, Jex Thoth, Planet Of Zeus, and The Black Wizards.  For tickets and further information on the festival, click here!

And lastly, you can find more on Black Moth at the following sources:



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