On January 12th, Los Angeles, California side project masterminds Michael Marquart(A Bad Think) and Jacob Bunton(Lynam, Adler) released their self titled record “Myja” via Watermark Recordings.  Roll down the windows, let the wind blow through your hair, and let this group bring you back to the AM/Classic Rock radio days of yesteryear.

This record has rhythmic guitar riffs, a sensible rhythm section, and lush melancholy melodies that plays for solid roadtrip music, which reminds me of the 1990’s when bands like Fastball and Marcy Playground were kings mixed with when Bruce Springsteen created the albums “Magic” and “Nebraska”.  Case in point in the song “Flood”, it has such a rhythmic offering yet Marquart and Bunton provide such lush melodies and arrangements in the chorus of the song.

In essence, this record is pretty dark from a mood and tone standpoint, songs that sound lushful and poppy yet it sounds like it could be played as a backdrop in a depressing part of a movie or at someone’s wake.  Case in point, in the song “Mourning The Death”, they are really able to convey the sadness of goodbyes with the guitars, and even the vocals sounding tired and weary.  In this case, sounding tired and weary is considered to be quite a compliment as Myja is able to get to the point of the sadness of the song, which is a lost art in a lot of forms of music these days.

Overall, Myja’s self-titled record is a solid offering that explores the concept of coping with feelings of melancholy.  The listener can relate to that feeling of wanting a place in this world and somewhere to fit in, and for that listener, Myja is the soundtrack to that life.  Madness To Creation rates this an 8 out of 10 stars.  Check out the track listing below.

  1.  Hit And Run
  2.  Anniversary
  3.  Breath
  4.  Into Focus
  5.  Hangman
  6.  Just One Kiss
  7.  Dear Eden
  8.  Flood
  9.  Plans
  10.  Mourning The Death

Fans can check out the album via YouTube below!

Fans can find Myja at the following locations:



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