Madness To Creation Sounding Off: Top Ten Favorite Non-Hit Aerosmith Songs!

We have recently reviewed the complete studio discography of Aerosmith.  I wanted to try something different and that is after extensively studying the band, their history, and their discography, I wanted to create a list of their non-hits, the hits that they have never released as a single or have made a music video for.  This list is in order from ten to one and I will provide a review of each song as well.  Hope you enjoy it!

10.  “Nine Lives”, This song was the opener to their 1997 release “Nine Lives”.  It starts off heavy, driving, and it was hoping that it would bring fans completely back to their classic rock roots.  It showcased that sass and sassafras that Aerosmith has trademarked!  Definitely the best song off of that album!

9.  “Cheese Cake”, this was off of their 1979 release “Night In The Ruts”.  This really is one of their more raw albums!  This song is chocked full of blues and it showcases a tasty slide guitar throughout the song!

8.  “Make It”- taken off of their self-titled debut album.  This song showcased a garage rock feel to it and it really showcased the prowess of their rhythm section.  Just a fun rocking song with tasty riffs and tastier arrangements.

7.  “Hoodoo Voodoo Medicine Man”, taken off of their 1989 release “Pump”.  Very unique arrangement, with that usual Steven Tyler lyricism.  This song is definitely adored by the Aerosmith diehards.

6.  “Girl Keeps Coming Apart”, taken off of their 1987 release “Permanent Vacation”, this album is appreciated for their introduction to the brass section, this song NOT “Dude(Looks Like A Lady)”, is the best song that incorporates the brass section of this song, plus this song is just a fun ditty.  Plus, Joe Perry absolutely gets busy in this track!

5.  “Lord Of The Thighs”, taken off of their “Get Your Wings” release.  The drum hook in the beginning sounded like “Walk This Way” a little bit with the exception of an offbeat time signature.  This song is as raw as it gets.  This is when fans started to notice that Aerosmith began to hit their stride.

4.  “Uncle Salty”, taken off of their “Toys In The Attic” release, Aerosmith, this is when I adore your music, is when you try something new and incorporate some progression in your rock!  The chorus is such a midtempo rocker and the guitar licks in there are completely underrated.

3.  “Home Tonight”, taken off of their “Rocks” album, if I recall, this is the first ballad that they have incorporated, and it showcases the vocal range of Steven Tyler, plus it really set the tone for Aerosmith to incorporate a power ballad here and a power ballad there in their music.

2.  Get The Lead Out”, taken off of their “Rocks” album, great toe tapper, smooth vocals, and that song where you are shaking your hips and nodding your head and singing along with your friends and loved ones when they play it live.  Why this song was never released as a single is beyond me.

  1.  “St. John”, taken off of their “Permanent Vacation” album.  When I was doing the research and reviews of Aerosmith’s studio discography, this song became ingrained in my head.  What a classic song, and it’s so bluesy!’

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