Madness To Creation’s A-Z Throwback Reviews: Philippines’ Aegis

Out of the Philippines is a Pinoy/pop-rock group that has amassed some awards back in the early 2000’s with their powerful vocals and their overall sense of melody and arrangements.  Although they haven’t won an award since 2004, Aegis is still captivating audiences in Southeast Asia and the Philippines.

Aegis’ music is to have said to draw the Filipino spirit of writing about a combination of empathy and sympathy, which in turn shows a great deal of compassion and love into their songs.  They have won numerous awards in 1999 and 2000, including achieving triple platinum status for their album “Halik” and achieving gold status for the album “Mahal Na Mahal Kita” in 2000.  In fact, their big song “Halik” is still being performed regularly on Filipino television, as they performed it last year on “ASAPinoy”.  Here is the song below!

In 2001, Aegis would win the award for “Best Rock Band” in the Who’s Who in the Philippines and would also win an award for “Best Christmas Recording” in the 14th Annual Awit Awards for the song “Christmas Bonus”.

Madness To Creation’s Immediate Take:  It seems like they are Philippines’ answer to Wilson Phillips meets ABBA with their particular attention to melody, while having the arrangements that are somewhat similar to the aforementioned groups.  They have shown me that music transcends languages and that they still captivate a wide audience in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia to this day.  It also goes to show that the music industry is not as emphasized and it’s very challenging to break on through.  From an American perspective, the only Asian artists that we’ve really paid attention to was out of Japan, Loudness and One OK Rock and out of South Korea, Psy.  It is always enjoyable to hear the sounds of famous bands and recording artists from different countries.  I just wanted to do an immediate take on Aegis and I give them a solid 8 out of 10 star rating.

Aegis has some dates in the Philippines coming up.  Take a note that all tour dates listed below are in the Philippines.

Tuesday, February 27th- Tagnub City

Tuesday, March 6th- Cowboy Grill in Mabini

Wednesday, March 7th- Casino Filipino in Angeles City

Tuesday, March 13th- Cowboy Grill in Las Pinas

Thursday, March 15th- Cowboy Grill Delta in Quezon City

Tuesday, April 10th- Cowboy Grill in Las Pinas

Thursday, April 19th- Cowboy Grill Delta in Quezon City

Tuesday, April 24th- Cowboy Grill in Mabini

Monday, May 14th- Nueva Ecija in Talavera

Thursday, May 17th- Cowboy Grill Delta in Quezon City

Tuesday, May 22nd- Cowboy Grill in Mabini

Tuesday, May 29th- Cowboy Grill in Las Pinas

For tickets and further information on any of the shows listed above, click here!

Fans can find Aegis on Facebook at

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