“Badtimes” by FLOODS, infectious like crazy!

Out of Louisville, Kentucky is a trio known as FLOODS that will bring you sexy pop sensibilities, along with seduction that sounds innocent yet it sounds like they’re hiding something as a result of it.  On February 23rd, FLOODS dropped their record entitled “Badtimes” via InVogue Records.

FLOODS is composed of Emily Prather, Sam Stamper, and Jake Snyder, and they would accurately describe their music as music that can make people dance to.  Madness To Creation would soundly agree to them.

“Badtimes” starts off with the title track, which brings in an electronic drum beat, and I picture Emily in a smoky club, and it is a great seductive midtempo track, in which the listener immediately notices how infectious the sound of FLOODS can be.  It is atmospheric, with hints of acid pop, and a hit of slowed down house music, with a whole lot of pop hooks.  In fact, if you chock this album full of any more pop hooks, those pop hooks might explode in your face.

“Chasing Lines” continues on with that infectious beat with that lush backdrop in the music.  There are hints of modern day Courage My Love mixed with the 80’s electronic vibe of someone like Depeche Mode, mixed with the sensational melodies that Lights provides, this track with the lush beat and midtempo dance-able groove causes the listener to bob their head, and I especially love the ever so smooth transition in the electronic pop beats.  Emily Prather was certainly born to sing to this type of music.

The album closer, entitled “Fire”, sounds soaring and atmospheric, yet the lyricism and pop hooks absolutely grab the listener’s attention, which talks about how a person can get burned if they continue to allow the one that they love continue to take advantage of them.  This showcases that FLOODS makes their music universally relatable, and the subtle guitar hooks in the brief instrumental breaks really shows that FLOOD gets IT!

When it comes to this indie pop/electronic groove type of music, FLOODS gets away with what a lot of bands in this genre are not able to get away with.  Unlike a lot of groups in this genre, FLOODS makes it sound lush, atmospheric, and so infectious.  Some groups try to do too much in this genre, however, their rhythms and beats merely serve the song, and FLOODS gets IT when it comes to crafting a good pop song.  This will grow on you like an infectious dream with each listen, Madness To Creation rates this 9 out of 10 stars!  Check out the track listing below!

  1.  Badtimes
  2.  Catching Lines
  3.  Nightmares
  4.  Feel So High
  5.  Sleeptalk
  6.  I’m Alright
  7.  Heavy Hearts
  8.  Currents
  9.  Focus
  10.  Fire

Check out the music video for “Feel So High” below!

Fans can check out FLOODS at the following locations:







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