Connecticut-based prog rockers MILE MARKER ZERO are excited to announce their sophomore full-length concept album, “The Fifth Row”, scheduled for release on March 2, 2018. Consisting of 15 tracks which brilliantly showcase the band’s melodic hooks and unique
arrangements, the record was self-recorded at the band’s home studio before being sent for mastering via Andy Vandette (Rush, Devin Townsend).

Vocalist Dave Alley revealed the concept behind the album stating, “The Fifth Row, is a reference to the legend of “rice and the chessboard” and is frequently used by futurists as a way to show exponential growth in technology. As a society, humanity is currently in the “fifth row” of the chessboard, a time which changes in technology happen so fast that they are almost impossible to accurately forecast or predict. The role of artificial intelligence and technology in our lives is a pretty hot topic right now. When we decided that we were going to do a concept album, it just seemed like the perfect topic to dive into given how we grew up and how technology influenced our lives.” 

On behalf of the cover artwork, as seen featured above, Alley added, “The album cover is filled with small references that are important to the band, and to our story. Growing up, we were all big fans of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and for the album cover we wanted to tip our cap to that film. Showcasing a monolithic element on the cover was the perfect way to pay tribute. The chess piece representing the dominant power in our story’s future and the eclipse symbolizing the end of mankind’s reign here on earth. Even the landscape itself is a deliberate reference to our first self titled album.”

Hear a sneak peek of “The Fifth Row” in the teaser video clip here:
“The Fifth Row” Track Listing
1.   Source Code
2.   2001
3.   Digital Warrior
4.   Architect
5.   Building A Machine
6.   Victory
7.   JCN
8.   Middle Game
​9.   Propoganda
10. Sacred Geometry
11. Clarity
12. U.I.
13. 2020
14. Age Of Jason
15. Collective

MILE MARKER ZERO formed in 2005 when brothers Dave (vocals) and Doug (drums) Alley, alongside childhood friend Mark Focarile (keys), met guitarist John Tuohy and original bassist Tim Rykoski at Western Connecticut State University. They released their debut EP, “The Haunted”, in 2006 and began to captivate audiences as they were seen performing alongside the likes of Porcupine Tree, Underoath, Spocks Beard and Devil Wears Prada.

Having created a buzz in the Northeastern prog circuit, the band eagerly returned to the studio to record their debut full-length effort in 2009 and were the first-ever unsigned artist to be featured in the popular Harmonix/ MTV Games video game series, RockBand. The band continued to make several live appearances including gigs with Periphery, Scale the Summit, Nothing More, Adrenaline Mob, Fair to Midland and more. In 2014, the band released their most acclaimed effort to date with the electrifying “Young Rust” EP, which was lauded as “a must-listen for fans of commercial progressive music” (Metal Insider) and saw the band receive the award for “Best Band (Connecticut)” at the New England Music Awards.

Dave Alley – Vocals
John Tuohy – Guitar
Mark Focarile – Keyboards
Jaco Lindito – Bass
Doug Alley – Drums


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