Semblance, the alternative/electro-rock duo made up of 17-year-olds Maeve Gorman and Connor LeFevre, has teamed up with Celeb Mix to premiere Angel” (Cole Sipe Remix) today! The track and visualette are available to listen to and watch here:
The very relatable track, written by vocalist Maeve Gorman, references her internal struggles with herself. On the song, she says, “Mental battles are meant to be fought alone, but we can all feel overwhelmed by the task of simply carrying on. Sometimes someone or something comes along to lift that weight a bit and give you room to stand up straighter than before. ‘Angel’ is a dialogue with that someone who helped me.
Semblance is set to release their debut EP next month, entitled I Love You. The 5-track EP produced by Carl Bahner (ex-member of Cheerleader) tells a love story that progresses track by track. The band’s goal was to write songs that hit the listener’s emotions while simultaneously wanting to make them rock out.
Semblance is 17-year-olds Maeve Gorman (vocalist, guitar, keys), and Connor LeFevre (drums). Maeve is native to the Philadelphia suburbs, while Connor hauls from Montclair, NJ. After lack of inspiration from their peers in either of their hometowns, they both turned to the magical World Wide Web, where the two met, and began trading demos back and forth, despite living 100 miles apart. Within their first in-person meeting, they wrote the first cut of their upcoming EP.
Maeve and Connor are both in stages of their lives where they are facing the struggle of self-discovery, and their music is an expression of that inward journey toward self-love and acceptance, despite social conditions. Their hope is that their listeners can hear Semblance’s music and feel the courage to be themselves, and know they are accepted and loved.
I Love You is set to be released February 2018. For more information, please visit:
Check out more on Semblance, here:

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