“Blue” by Venus In Furs, burlesque rock!

Madness To Creation was initially reached out by Lita D’Vargas of Venus In Furs to share about their band, and we want to say thank you to the Venus In Furs camp for reaching out!  In 2016, Venus In Furs released this album entitled “Blue” to the masses!

Venus In Furs incorporates dark electronic music, synthesizers, with an edgy rock sound, and they also having dancing girls on their live stage.  Formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, they are a band that has impacted the Northeastern United States scene for roughly 20 years.  Over the past couple of years, Venus In Furs have shared the stage with the likes of Lacuna Coil, Defy The Tide, Lords Of Acid, Combichrist, Christian Death, and John 5 & The Creatures.

“Blue” starts off with a track entitled “All”.  “All” seems to have a bit of a Powerman 5000 feel into the music as the vocals seem edgy and sassy, and offer a nice blending into the guitars and the electronica.  The bassline also sounds groovy, and the guitar riffs are catchy.  The music actually sounds like burlesque/stripper music that you would hear in a Rated R movie.

A major highlight of “Blue” is the track entitled “Bang”.  “Bang”  seems to incorporate a bit of 1970’s funk mixed with electronica and rock.  The track seems subtle in the sense of a tongue-in-cheek approach, the mixing and mastering of this track sounds solid as I can see it translating well into a live setting.  The bass sounds groovy and thick as molasses as well.  Another highlight is the track entitled “Classic”, which seems to show another layer of Venus In Furs in the sense that there is a classic rock vibe, especially in the intro of the song, there is a Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones meets Billy Idol influence in the vocals and the rhythm does have a sexy flair about it.

Venus In Furs also offers their electronic flair in tracks such as “Groovy” and “Interlude”. What I really appreciate about these tracks is that it seems to flow into the album really well instead of just thrown into the mix as an album filler, which numerous bands seem to do to as album fillers nowadays.

Overall, this is a solid well-put together album that showcases copious amounts of power and a quality mix of electronica and rock.  Venus In Furs does a great job of conveying emotions into the music while being unadulterated and scandalous in the music.  Overall, Madness To Creation rates this album a solid 7.5/10 stars.

Here is the track listing to “Blue” by Venus In Furs below:

  1.  All
  2.  Bang
  3.  Classic
  4.  Different
  5.  Fix
  6.  Groovy
  7.  Hey You
  8.  Interlude
  9.  Life
  10.  Lydia
  11.  Please
  12.  Something
  13.  Tech
  14.  Tumble
  15.  Walk

Fans can download a copy of “Blue” via I-Tunes here!

Fans can add “Blue” to their Spotify playlist here!

Here is a live video for their track entitled “Hat”

Find Venus In Furs at the following locations:



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