NYC-based trio, Hi-Lo Jack has teamed up with The Huffington Post to exclusively premiere their new single “Wasted Time” today! “Wasted Time” is the newest single to release off of Hi-Lo Jack’s upcoming debut EP Old New Clothes, which is set to drop on November 17, 2017.This is a brand new collaboration made up of Dolapo Akinkugbe (aka rapper/producer DAP The Contract), Clyde Lawrence (of soul-pop band Lawrence), and Cody Fitzgerald (of indie-rock band Stolen Jars), who have come together to create a project that merges their distinct sounds.Listen to “Wasted Time” via The Huffington Post, here:
With wide-ranging influences from Outkast to Randy Newman, Bon Iver to Stevie Wonder, and Dirty Projectors to Chance The Rapper, the EP challenges genre labels while remaining cohesive in a space all its own.
Initially written during the last year of the trio’s time together at Brown University, the EP finds its meaning in things that are left behind: college, friends, significant others, and the homes that came before. At the same time the EP is a celebration of a newfound collaboration and independence. Sonically, the project is unlike anything that its members have made individually. But, at any given moment you can hear each collaborator’s clear fingerprint on the sound: Clyde’s keyboard-driven soulful chord changes and catchy melodies, Cody’s hocketing guitar lines and warm intricate textures, and Dolapo’s energetic and dynamic verses are woven together into a complex-yet-accessible tapestry. The EP also features guest vocals from Molly Grund and Gracie Lawrence.
In addition to their bands, Clyde and Cody regularly collaborate as film composers – The duo have worked on a number of film scores, including the Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei feature The Rewrite, indie feature Hard Sell, recent Sundance pick Landline, and the Cannes-featured short Open 24 Hours.
Hi-Lo Jack is set to release their debut EP Old New Clothes on November 17, 2017. For more information, please visit:
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