Madness To Creation Sounding Off: Takeaways from Chester Bennington Memorial Concert at the Hollywood Bowl

I confess, I have watched some clips that people have posted on YouTube, that alone was difficult to watch knowing that there was still so much pain that was felt and scars that will surely remain over the death of Chester Bennington.  Linkin Park isn’t just another rock band, they united races with their music and because of them and bands like Limp Bizkit, P.O.D., and 3rd Strike, their music appealed to where more African-Americans and people of different races got into rock music.  Linkin Park wrote songs, but they were culturally significant for my generation.  It was commonplace to stroll through the college dorms when I was in college and hearing people blast Linkin Park while they’re getting ready for the day or while having some type of video game tournament.  From the clips I’ve seen, here are some emotional moments that I wanted to pick out.

  1.  Taka of One OK Rock flew from Japan to Los Angeles to join Linkin Park for ONE song.  One OK Rock was supposed to be providing support for Linkin Park this fall in their tour of Japan and Taka, in numerous interviews, has cited Chester Bennington as a major influence on his singing style and as a performer.  Taka absolutely paid tribute to Chester with his rendition of “Somewhere I Belong”.  Check it out below!

“Somewhere I Belong”

2. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis pays homage to his close friend Chester.  The introduction almost sounded like the famous Korn song “Twist”, well the first few seconds anyways.  You can feel the pain in Jonathan’s voice, yet he tried to make it a celebration of Chester’s life.  Here is Jonathan performing with Linkin Park for “One Step Closer”, which is the song that broke Linkin Park through onto the mainstream.

3.  Julia Michaels and Kiiara join Linkin Park for “Heavy”.  With this song, I cannot hear it the same after hearing of Chester’s death on July 22nd.  The pain was really conveyed through the lyrics and you can see how grateful that they were to be a part of honoring Chester’s life.  What a heart-wrenching rendition to a song that is even more heart-wrenching, especially when we didn’t realize what Chester was going through when he penned this song.

4.  The cell-phones lit in the crowd during “One More Light”.  There was an empty feeling there that people could feel, a very somber feeling.  Mike Shinoda did a heartfelt beautiful job of singing this.  He let the emotions of the song carry his voice, and that’s what an artist does.  It was Mike singing to his close friend and bandmate Chester.  I don’t think there was a single dry eye at the Hollywood Bowl or for those who streamed it on YouTube.

5.  Last, but not least, the fans pouring their heart out over the song “In The End”.  Man alive.  There was a mix of celebration of Chester’s life, and a undying wish that Chester was still with them.  Chester was there in spirit.  He loved his fans and Linkin Park truly loves their fans.

As a side note, their song “Looking For An Answer”, which was debuted at the Hollywood Bowl, will be the “Song Of The Day”.  If you missed their performance, check out the full stream below!  Let us know what you think and #MakeChesterProud.


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