Edition Number One of MTC’s Throwback Reviews from A to Z: On the band known as A!

Editor’s Note:  I am going to be reviewing every band/recording artist listed under the website www.azlyrics.com.

The band is known as A.  That’s it, I am literally starting with the first band known as A.

Brief historical facts about A:

  1. A was originally called Grand Designs, which is named after the song by legendary trio Rush.
  2. A cites Rush, Van Halen, The Beach Boys, and The Beastie Boys as major influences in their career.
  3. Although from England, A reached the most commercial success in Germany.  They achieved small global success though.
  4. They are recipients of the Kerrang! award for Best British Band in 2002.
  5. Their music has appeared on the “Surf’s Up” video game soundtrack and and Beyblade’s soundtrack to “Let It Rip!”.
  6. Had a deal with Hollywood Records in 2005, but due to lack of success of 2005 release “Teen Dance Ordinance”, the record deal fell through and the band took a hiatus to focus on other projects.

After A what did they do:

  1.  Frontman Jason Perry produced the following bands:  The Blackout, Kids In Glass Houses, and McFly.
  2. Fellow band members of A Adam Perry and Daniel P. Carter briefly joined The Bloodhound Gang as full-time members.
  3. Giles Perry produced music videos for Biffy Clyro and Hundred Reasons.
  4. In 2015, A headlined the fourth stage at the world famous Download Festival.  Will they return?  Time will tell.
  5.  In 2010, Bowling For Soup offered A the direct support slot for 2010 autumn tour of the U.K.
  6. Daniel P. Carter hosts BBC’s Radio 1 Rock Show today!

A’s biggest accomplishments:

  1.  In 2002, “Nothing” became a top 10 single in the U.K. singles charts.
  2.  In the same year, “Starbucks” became a top 20 single in the U.K. singles charts.
  3. Won the Kerrang! award for Best British Band in 2002.

Madness To Creation’s take on the band:

If you like true British punk that offers a tongue-in-cheek approach to society and to consumerism, then A is worth a listen!  I cannot believe that this band fell under the radar.  Their music is so infectious with that witty British charm, yet it is for those that listen to a wide range of punk ranging from The Queers, to The Sex Pistols to even poppy punk such as Bowling For Soup and New Found Glory.  A went about their career in true punk fashion, by finding what works for them, scratching that, and doing it their own way!  For example, much to the chagrin of some A fans, A decided to incorporate sampling and electronica to mix in with their street punk British sound in the song “Monkey Kong”.  To me, this showcased that A were true artists in every sense of the word.  Bands that try to recreate their success over and over again drive me crazy.  Play what you like, if it’s authentic, the audience will be there, if it’s not, the audience won’t be there.  Check it out below!

“Monkey Kong” by A

Their staple hit, “Nothing”, brings me back to when MTV2 was the most amazing thing ever because it focused on music videos of all genres instead of all the boy bands and girl bands that were coming out of the woodwork during that time.  This song is such an anthem to those that cruised around on skateboards, in El Caminos, and even in dad’s old beat-up truck.  “Nothing” by A allows the listener to unpack yet another layer of A.  Check it out below!


I literally just turned on the song “Starbucks”.  I HAD NO IDEA THAT A SANG THIS SONG!  What a song!  And what a slap in the face to consumerism this song really is!  I hate Starbucks the coffee, but the song is quite warm and tasty.

“Starbucks” by A


MTC rates this band an 8.5 out of 10.  A is completely underrated and that British punk band that completely flew under the radar(with the exception of 2002, that was A’s year).  There’s a reason why they appeared at Download Festival 2015 and why Bowling For Soup themselves even tried to bring them back together!  With their endeavors, not only is it alternative street punk, A showcased that they are true artists in every sense of the word!

A’s album listings:

  1.  How Ace Are Buildings? (1997)
  2.  A vs. Monkey Kong (1999)
  3.  Hi-Fi Serious (2002)
  4.  Teen Dance Ordinance (2005)

MTC’s Flavorful Five:

  1.  “Nothing”
  2.  “Monkey Kong”
  3.  “Turn It Up”
  4.  “Foghorn”
  5.  “Something’s Going On”


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