Sleepy Limbs EP via Know Hope Records, Let It Cater to Your Soul!

On September 22nd, Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s own Sleepy Limbs will be releasing their self-titled EP via Know Hope Records.  Let me tell you, it is definitely the straw that stirs that drink.

Sleepy Limbs is composed of Ben Roth, Joe Fuscia, and Kory Gable.  They were all previously in You, Me, and Everyone We Know, along with other bands The High Court, Bright and Early, and No Such Noise.  They have taken their sound and created a mix of solid storytelling punk ala Mae and The Wonder Years, dropped a few hits of acid, collaborated with the psychedelic era of yesteryear, and created a sound that you do not want to sleep on, as it creates that pins and needles effect throughout your whole body, yes even your anus will get that feeling.

The track starts off with a psychedelic feel in the percussion after a bad acid trip from an after hours party before it gets all alternative/progressive punk hook-age on yo’ rectum with the track “Sunspot Eyes”.  Then it gets sleepy with those progressive/psychedelic feelings.  Immediately, I’m impressed with Sleepy Limbs taking the rulebook throwing it out the window while proceeding to take some funky radioactive chemicals, pour them in a blender just to see what comes out of it.  Yet it sounds extremely delectable and tasteful.  The thing is, the opening track of this EP clocks in at 8 minutes and 45 seconds and it does NOT feel like it.  You want more, it becomes an addiction.

“Sweet And Sour” is that local Chinese takeout, yet you don’t regret the feeling 15 minutes after you eat it.  The guitars are tasty, the rhythm progresses ever so smoothly like an egg drop soup, and it doesn’t want to make you feel like you are committing a terrorist attack on a toilet once you’re done consuming the track.  Does anyone else envision bombing peasants while on the toilet?  Okay, maybe it’s just me.  Gotta have fun through all the insanity on occasion.

In “Float On”, I envision going through an old-school video game while you’re jockeying for position in an innertube.  It has such a laidback, chill vibe to it yet it has such a sexy groove to it.  I love the guitars in the outro, they are driving, yet progresses while it makes you chill out.  Just listen to the damn track to get my drift.

Sleepy Limbs could be the best EP you will never pick up.  It should be brought to you by Serta because it feels fluffy like a pillowtop mattress, yet you don’t want to sleep too long cause you might miss out on something great, that’s Sleepy Limbs in a nutshell for you.  They’re not afraid to experiment, they draw from a substantial amount of influences and they rock your face off as you chill out to their vibe at the same time.  For those reasons, I give this a solid 9 out of 10! Here is the track listing below

“Sleepy Limbs” by Sleepy Limbs

  1.  Sunspot Eyes
  2.  Sweet And Sour
  3.  Float On
  4.  Tron
  5.  Out Of Body

Check out “Sweet And Sour” by Sleepy Limbs below

Find Sleepy Limbs at the following locations:

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