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“Light It Up” by Hot Water Music, 23 Years and Still Groundbreaking!

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Sometimes we go to websites such as Only In Your State and Ripley’s Believe It Or Not(yes, that’s also a television show) to discover hidden gems, unlikely happenings, and things that should be discussed a lot more with the masses.  This is where I present to you the latest offering by Hot Water Music entitled “Light It Up”.

I admit that at times I can sound like a novice while I do this, while I learn about music.  I’ve listened to what I’ve always listened to, and the joy that I get is learning about a band, it just so happens that I’m late to the party on this band and the party is at the after hours stage of the party where someone like me gets excited and yells “THE NIGHT IS STILL YOUNG, LET’S PARTY” while someone in the bathroom is kneeling before the porcelain throne, while others are passed out in various parts of the living room, and that lull is in the air, whereas I’m trying to provide that extra boost to liven this party!  Hot Water Music livens up that party.

Out of Gainesville, Florida, Hot Water Music is composed of Jason Black, Chuck Ragan, Chris Wollard, and George Rebelo.  “Light It Up” is their second release from Rise Records since their 2012 released entitled “Exister”.  Hot Water Music has wrote and self-produced this record and the listener will be able to feel that rediscovered liberation within this band.

“Light It Up” starts off with the track entitled “Complicated”, which is the first single released off of this offering.  The guitars are driving, the lyrics are incredible with a combination of story telling while giving subtle hints about personal life issues.  The vocals are gritty and groundbreaking in this track, it’s plain to see why Hot Water Music have been cited by numerous bands as a major influence that they draw from in the creation of their music.

Hot Water Music has something for that hardcore punk fan with the title track after “Complicated” ends.  The emotions in “Show Your Face” are highly evident that captures the essence of Hot Water Music.  There are old school punk moments that takes fans back to the days of  The Sex Pistols and The Clash with “Vultures” and the title track, where it showcases Hot Water Music that they also draw from many influences, which is somewhat unusual in the punk/alternative rock world.  “Sympathizer” has that brooding yet soaring grunge/post-hardcore feel that is packed full of punch and has such an anthemic feel to it.

Hot Water Music is that band that people will finally start appreciating simply because they deliver with each and every album.  They play what they feel and what they like, and that alone should grant them some further appreciation.  I find it astonishing that while they’ve been making music for over 20 years, that they continue to grow simply because they are true to punk and alternative, they play what they like and that attitude alone will continue to have them win fans over.  This exceeds the 2012 “Exister” offering as it’s a great balance of new Hot Water Music fans while maintaining their old fan base.  It deserves a solid 8 out of 10 stars from me, it’s just a great record front to back, it doesn’t have standout moments, but at the same time that provides for a well-balanced album from front to back.

Check out Hot Water Music at the following tour dates:

Sunday, September 17th Riot Fest at Douglas Park in Chicago, Illinois

Sunday, September 17th at Cobra Lounge in Chicago, Illinois

Friday, September 29th at Slim’s in San Francisco, California (w/Dead To Me, Racquet Club)

Saturday, September 30th at Echoplex in Los Angeles, California (w/Dead To Me, Racquet Club)

Friday, October 27th at The Fest in Gainesville, Florida (w/Guerilla Poubelle)

Friday, November 17th at The Sinclair in Cambridge, Massachusetts(w/Big Jesus)

Saturday, November 18th at Warsaw in Brooklyn, New York(w/Strike Anywhere and Big Jesus)

Sunday, November 19th at Union Transfer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (w/Strike Anywhere and Big Jesus)

Saturday, December 2nd at Carioca Club in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Track listing for “Light It Up”:

  1.  Complicated
  2.  Light It Up
  3.  Show Your Face
  4.  Never Going Back
  5.  Rabbit Key
  6.  Sympathizer
  7.  Vultures
  8.  Bury Your Idols
  9.  Overload
  10.  High Class Catastrophe
  11.  Hold Out
  12.  Take You Away

“Vultures” by Hot Water Music Video Here:

Find Hot Water Music at the following locations:



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