Brazilian black metal veterans SODOMA have posted a new lyric video for their track “Ramaerata”, which is all sung in Portuguese. The track is off their latest album“Mutapestaminação” that was produced by Victor Hugo Targino of VH Records.

“”Mutapestaminação” is undoubtedly a milestone in our discography, from the beginning it was thought and rethought about various aspects and concepts.” declares vocalist Samidarish.

Watch the lyric video at the following link:

This is the fifth lyric video taken from the album. Previous videos can be watched at the following links:
Viperovz Papisa

Formed in 2003 in the Northeast of Brazil, SODOMA always seek to not only create music, but to create a vision, free and direct. All their opuses are roared in their Brazilian mother tongue and are always directed to the carnal and mental freedom.

Track Listing:
1. Audiatur et Altera Pars
2. Pesthereticanonica
3. 7Strega
4. Mutapestaminação
5. Libertinos
6. Devora-te
7. Ramaerata
8. Destrói Dei Verbum
9. Viperovz Papisa

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