“Void Estate” by End Of Green, melancholy at its finest

Void Estate by End Of Green

On August 18th, German doom-rockers End Of Green have released their latest offering entitled “Void Estate” via Napalm Records.  Let me tell you, there is a feeling of loneliness, desolation, and melancholy in this offering.

End Of Green, out of Stuttgart, Germany, is composed of Michelle Darkness on vocals/guitar, Kirk Kerker on guitars, Lou Siffer on drums, Sad Sir on guitars, and Rainier Sicone Di Hampez on bass.  They have been around for 25 years, thus “Void Estate” is the ninth opus from End Of Green.

“Void Estate” has that desert rock doom type of feel to it, except in the middle of that desert, don’t expect to find that oasis in the middle of the desert because there is that feeling of hopelessness and despair throughout the record.  “Void Estate” starts off with “Send In The Clowns”.  Michelle does a great job of displaying that dark baritone in his vocals, I like the subtle yet haunting chamber choir chant that is subtly displayed in the ambiance in the track.  Kerker, Darkness, and Sir all do a great job with providing the multi-layering of the guitars.

“Darkside Of The Sun” sounds as if Peter Steele(Type O Negative) has been brought back from the dead and provided that dark doom and gloom into the rock.  Picture being out in a jungle safari and without warning you are suddenly trapped in quicksand, and the harmonics of the guitars, the doom vocals of Michelle, and the grimy rhythm section of End Of Green slowly bring about that death and instead of offering you a rope for safety, they throw an anchor to ensure your demise.

“The Door” talks about wanting to end that relationship so they can be left alone in their despair.  “If you ever leave me/don’t forget to close the door/let me be my own prisoner who can’t escape the room” sings Michelle in a triumphant yet hopeless sort of way.  It is brooding and haunting.

A highlight of the record I want to examine is “Dressed In Black Again”, it has such a different tinge to the track, it has an outlaw feel to it, as if End Of Green was paying homage to the “man in black” himself, Johnny Cash.  It sounds anthemic in a dark and moody sort of way.

If you’re looking for the record that is full of uptempo tracks, songs about partying hard, or where it encourages circle pits, moshing, and other forms of ways to participate as a member of a rock/metal audience, this will not be the record for you.  However, if you look for art in the music where emotions are conveyed and thought provoking lyrics are incorporated, then End Of Green shows that they have the art side of doom/sludge rock down to a science.  This album is strictly for that niche audience, yet rabid fanbase.  I give this a solid 8/10 rating as I can see this having that appeal to the musician’s musician type of band.  Expect to hear experimentation with a whole lot of melancholy, doom and gloom emotions conveyed in this offering by End Of Green.

Here is the track listing below:

  1.  Send In The Clowns
  2.  Darkside Of The Sun
  3.  The Door
  4.  Head Down
  5.  Crossroads
  6.  The Unseen
  7.  Dressed In Black Again
  8.  Mollodrome
  9.  Worn And Torn
  10.  City Of Broken Thoughts
  11.  Like A Stranger

“The Door” by End Of Green

Check out End Of Green at the following tour dates in Germany:

Friday, October 20th- Columbia Theater in Berlin

Saturday, October 21st- Werk 2 in Leipzig

Friday, November 3rd- Colossaal in Aschaffenburg

Saturday, November 4th- Backstage in Munchen

Thursday, November 9th- Hirsch in Nurnberg

Friday, November 10th- Matrix in Bochum

Saturday, November 11th- Knust in Hamburg

Saturday, November 18th- LKA Longhorn in Stuttgart

Find End Of Green at the following locations:





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