Day: August 3, 2017

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Evan Seidlitz(vocalist) and Darren Badorine(drummer) of Invidia Gives a Lesson on Touring Life, Gemini Syndrome, and “As The Sun Sleeps” with Madness To Creation!

Editor’s Note:  It was a rather warm evening at Lefty’s Live Music in Des Moines, Iowa.  And a band that…

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AJ Channer from Fire From The Gods talks police brutality, Chester Bennington and more ahead of passionate performance at the Vans Warped Tour!

AJ Channer was born in the Bronx to a single mother of Jamaican descent. He spent his childhood moving between…

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“1711” by Katastrophes Tomb, raw bludgeoning power!

After recently seeing their set when they opening for The Acacia Strain during their one-off show before embarking on the…

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Montreal Screwjob: Shoot or Work?

      The year is 1997, your champion is on his way out of the company and is refusing…