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Check out Some Moments That Showed the Beautiful Friendship that Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington Shared. Plus Stone Sour Pays Tribute to Chester Bennington!

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Chris Cornell

This has been a difficult process for everyone.  It’s hard to believe that we have lost Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington in the same year.  It seemed like their friendship was a beautiful bond.  It was their love for music, or maybe it was that they shared some commonalities in the struggles that they had in regards to their depression.

The first moment I want to share is their rendition of “Hunger Strike” by Temple Of The Dog.

Check out Chris Cornell’s appearance on Linkin Park’s song “Crawling”.  Nice freestyle by Mike Shinoda as well!

Then, Chris Cornell tragically committed suicide, you can feel this song “One More Light” and you can feel the anguish that Chester was feeling over losing his friend.

Then, reality really struck as Chester Bennington sang the song “Hallelujah” at Chris’s funeral.

Then, notice how intimate Chester Bennington was with his fans for “One More Light” at a performance on July 9th in England.

Tribute to Chester Bennington by Stone Sour:





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