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Trance/Electronic Pioneer and Legend Juno-Reactorhas unveiled the debut single off of his upcoming Juno-Reactor & The Mutant Theatre full-length album, Mutant Land. Originating from the elaborate 2016 Ozora Festival commissioned performance, Juno-Reactor & The Mutant Theatre has been developing as a visual and auditory experience eclipsing even the most complicated and elaborate music festivals today. Mutant Land is due to release in September 2017 via Metropolis Records.

European fans of Juno-Reactor & The Mutant Theatre can check them out at the following tour locations:

07/29 @ Emmaboda Festival – Emmaboda, Sweden *
08/04 @ Ozora Festival – Ozora, Hungary *
08/11 @ Freedom Festival – S. Gião, Portugal
08/13 @ Boomtown Fair Festival – Winchester, UK
08/26 @ Ambasada Gavioli – Hommega 20 event – Izola, Slovenia
09/02 @ Indian Spirit Festival – Eldena, Germany
09/23 @ Dream Nation – Paris, France
09/28 @ Festival Detonation – Besançon, France
09/30 @ Connection Festival – Saville, Spain
11/18 @ Hommega 20 event – Helsinki, Finland
* Juno Reactor & The Mutant Theatre

About Juno Reactor:

When it comes to Trance, Ben Watkins wrote the book. His legendary Juno Reactor project now ranks among the all-time greats of electronic music as essential innovators. The 1993 debut long-player Transmissions is widely accepted as the first Trance album in history.

From Scoring The Matrix Trilogy to performing their stunning Live Shows at major Festivals: GlastonburyCoachellaFuji RockThe GladeBoom and many more. Summer 2015 sees them headlining the Ozora Festival.

Juno Reactor are a one of a kind, constantly redefining, playing with music.

If judgment day passes, and the Judeo-Christian God comes back to offer His opinion of the living and the dead, I can be sure, without a doubt, that The Golden Sun of the Great East will be the soundtrack playing gloriously in the background. Amen to that.
Zachary Houle 13 May 2013 PopMatters Music Editor

The Golden Sun Of The Great East, the 8th Juno Reactor album since the project started in 1991. The album further hones the exotic mix of surging beats, cinematic vision and lustrous world music flavours which characterized its predecessors, from propulsive turbo-opener “Final Frontier” a homage to Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner to evocative satellite serenade finale “Playing With Fire” and its panoramic chorale of piano, strings and haunting voices. In between, tracks such as “Invisible”, “Guillotine” and “Trans Siberian” surge on mammoth waves of coruscating riffs, Eastern vocal refrains and turbulent drums, all directed by Watkins’ unique sense of drama. While “Zombie” and “Tempest” introduce darker atmospherics, “Shine” and “Bycula” hop off the pounding beats express to deliver a subtler strain of exotic, emotional flow. Studded with future classics, the album seems built for a stratospheric live show.

Check out Juno Reactor at the following locations:





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