“Among The Amorphous” by The Interbeing, a cyborg Devin Townsend?

The Interbeing

When I think of the word dystopia, I think of an environment or a political situation where everything is made out to be a catastrophe or an epidemic, where people are persuaded to make political or mere survival decisions out of fear or for self-preservation.  Denmark’s own The Interbeing have released this concept entitled “Among The Amorphous” via Long Branch Records on June 23rd.

The Interbeing is composed of Dara Corcoran on vocals, Boas Segel on guitars/programming, Torben Pedersen on guitars/vocals, Jacob Hansen on bass, and Kristoffer Egefelt on drums.  While taking over the Danish and Japanese metal scenes, The Interbeing has been recognized by GAFFA(which is Denmark’s largest music magazine), had their music released for a Japanese video game, and played in front of an industry showcase for Hokuo Music Week in Japan.  The Interbeing has also shared the stage with the likes of Parkway Drive, Stone Sour, and Meshuggah. “Among The Amorphous” will catapult The Interbeing to the next level, and they need to be catapulted yesterday.

“Among The Amorphous” starts off with the ominous track “Spiral Into Existence”, in which we begin to see the story unfold of a dystopian nightmare that The Interbeing is conveying in this album.  I love the ambiance and how it seamlessly transitions into thundering drumbeats, intertwined with the programming.  Dara has such a high-pitched scream that would remind me of a voice of Devin Townsend mixed with Wayne Static(RIP!)  The track takes you on that science fiction journey that seems to play the scene of various outer space creatures encountering our planet that is full of fear, conformity, and dystopia.  It has a New Wave type of composition coupled with some dabs of experimental metal with some old school industrial vibes ala Spineshank or Fear Factory.

The album transitions into “Deceptive Signal”.  The guitars coupled with the sounding of the sirens in the programming of the song sets the tone for the listener that The Interbeing has an urgent telegram for you and this message is going to self-destruct in 30 seconds(Inspector Gadget reference anyone).  I envision that something is not right based upon the story, that things aren’t what they seem, hence the title of the track “Deceptive Signal”.  The chorus absolutely stands out in the track and the driving beat as it kicks it to the bridge and back to the instrumental break.  It will cause the listener to move about in place, go into trances in the pit, and I can only imagine how this translates in a live setting.  “Sins Of The Mechanical” is where the rhythm section really gets their shine as the bass thumps off of your chest and the drums thunder like a summer Midwestern severe thunderstorm warning.  There is a cool moments where it seems like djent breakdowns are offered and the chorus absolutely soars as the cyborgs plot the takeover of the dystopian society.  “Borderline Human” warns us about the advancement of technology in this album and in many societies around the world.  The track is urgent enough for the listener to pay attention.  “Cellular Synergy” offers a wonderful biological ambiance which transitions into “Enigmatic Circuits”.

Thematically and conceptually, “Among The Amorphous” tells an incredible story.  You have to legit listen to it front to back in order to get the complete story.  It sounds as if Devin Townsend got mad and crazy with Static X and Meshuggah, and after watching hours of Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Interbeing spawned into existence.  The programming allows the listener to visualize the science fiction fantasy, Dara’s voice is incredibly versatile as he offers haunting speaking lines here and there as if you’re watching a captivating movie trailer, to the screams that feel like he’s standing on your feet, to the soaring choruses that seduce the ol’ earholes.  The guitars and rhythm section are all carefully thought out to allow the programming and Dara to shine in the band, yet not get all the shine.  There’s also enough progression to satisfy the palates of those that rock out to symphonic, industrial, or progmetal.  The Interbeing’s concepts, their ability to have the listener visualize the message their conveying, and their movie score musicianship allots them a 9.5/10 star rating as they will be competing on the world stage in the metal forefront for years to come.  Check out the track listing below!

Among The Amorphous by The Interbeing

  1.  “Spiral Into Existence”
  2.  “Deceptive Signal”
  3.  “Sins Of The Mechanical”
  4.  “Borderline Human”
  5.  “Purge The Deviant”
  6.  “Cellular Synergy”
  7.  “Enigmatic Circuits”
  8.  “Pinnacle Of The Strain”
  9.  “Sum Of Singularity”
  10.  “Among The Amorphous”

Check out the music video to “Pinnacle Of The Strain”

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