“Gravebloom” by The Acacia Strain, taking you to Doomplex City!

On June 30th, the doom-metal masters The Acacia Strain has released their latest album entitled “Gravebloom” via Rise Records.  Take some quicksand, throw some innocents in there, and watch them suffer while the beast known as The Acacia Strain milks it and secretly enjoys watching them suffer.  “Gravebloom” really showcases the continued growth of this band without conforming to what the powers that be want them to conform to.

This is the first record that bassist Griffin Landa has taken a part of in the writing process and you can tell that he carefully studied the textures and arrangements of the band, fell into the doom and gloom of the band, and immersed himself into the mentality and take no prisoners attitude of The Acacia Strain.  This album is in essence a sequel to their previous offering “Comawitch” and it continues the evolution of the story with “Gravebloom”.

“Gravebloom” starts off with a midtempo song entitled “Worthless”.  “Worthless” brings about the catchiness in the doom style that The Acacia Strain possesses.  “So f******* worthless, you serve no purpose, I see you shaking you should be nervous” bellows vocalist Vincent as if he is standing on your feet with a vengeance and has had enough and he explodes on you.  The harmonics in the guitars with the mid-tempo doom, sludge metal that The Acacia Strain is becoming trademarked for is clearly evident.  The harmonics in the guitars offer a dark, yet lush backdrop as it sounds like a movie from a very dark scene in the speaking part of the song.  This part is incredible because it sounds like it could be from an insane psychological thriller with Anthony Hopkins playing the lead role in the movie.  “Graveblom” transitions into “Plague Doctor”

“Plague Doctor” sounds that it could be from a horror movie as well as it sounding like a loved one has moved on and the scorned’s heart grew black overnight and has became extremely heartless.  The drum fills in the track are thunderous and the bass can shatter glass with how heavy it sounds.  “Bitter Pill” showcases a bit of hardcore with that doom metal sound.  The harmonics in the guitars stand out again as well as Vincent slaying the listener’s ears with his combination of screams and growls.  It is a rarity for a vocalist to pull off this style of singing while still being able to understand what message they’re conveying, yet Vincent pulls this off effortlessly.  He continues to showcase ample amounts of growth as the years go on in The Acacia Strain.

The album has everything The Acacia Strain fans look for.  Those hardcore chants that get the audience engaged as they topple over each other to get as close to the band as possible.  The harmonics in the guitars, the low tuned down guitars that sludge and doom on through as if you’re slowly drowning in quicksand. The topics that they hit on include their evergrowing issues with organized politics and organized religion as well as looking to yourself for answers. The rhythm section that plods along like cement boots.  Even the two closers in the album, “Walled City” and “Cold Gloom” feels like a slow death as The Acacia Strain takes you to doomplex city as MTC ranks this a solid 9 out of 10 stars for creating the madness of what could be a potential groundbreaking record that future bands will cite as a major influence in this genre!

“Gravebloom” The Acacia Strain

  1.  Worthless
  2.  Plague Doctor
  3.  Bitter Pill
  4.  Big Sleep
  5.  Gravebloom
  6.  Abyssal Depths
  7.  Model Citizen
  8.  Calloused Mouth
  9.  Dark Harvest
  10.  Walled City
  11.  Cold Gloom

“Bitter Pill” The Acacia Strain

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Saturday, July 1st- St. Petersburg, Florida

Sunday, July 2nd- West Palm Beach, Florida

Thursday, July 6th- Charlotte, North Carolina

Friday, July 7th – Camden, New Jersey

Saturday, July 8th- Wantagh, New York

Sunday, July 9th- Hartford, Connecticut

Monday, July 10th- Scranton, Pennsylvania

Tuesday, July 11th- Virginia Beach, Virginia

Wednesday, July 12th- Mansfield, Massachusetts

Thursday, July 13th- Darien Center, New York

Friday, July 14th- Burgettstown, Pennsylvania

Saturday, July 15th- Holmdel, New Jersey

Sunday, July 16th- Columbia, Maryland

Tuesday, July 18th- Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Wednesday, July 19th- Cincinnati, Ohio

Thursday, July 20th- Noblesville, Indiana

Friday, July 21st- Auburn Hills, Michigan

Saturday, July 22nd- Tinley Park, Illinois

Sunday, July 23rd- Shakopee, Minnesota

Monday, July 24th- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Wednesday, July 26th- Maryland Heights, Missouri

Thursday, July 27th- Bonner Springs, Kansas

Friday, July 28th- Dallas, Texas

Saturday, July 29th- San Antonio, Texas

Sunday, July 30th- Houston, Texas

Tuesday, August 1st- Las Cruces, New Mexico

Thursday, August 4th- Mountain View, California

Friday, August 5th- San Diego, California

Saturday, August 6th- Pomona, California



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